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SPERMA- s/t 12″EP (Another Swiss Label, Switzerland, 1979)

IMG_0391IMG_0392IMG_0393Three more mongo hits from Switzerland’s SPERMA (check this link for their first 7″ and this one for the alternate version of it).

Three love songs of sorts here: “Schmier” (“Cops”) deals with the boys in blue, “No more Love” with the Punk lifestyle and the epic “Radio” is dedicated to the swiss national radio (“ich hass es so” is the last line – “I hate it so much”). Please note that the anti-cop song pre-dates that famous one of German’s SLIME, which is pretty much alike in words.

Definitely the best sounding of the four SPERMA releases, but thank gawd it’s still the same sloppy, unoriginal and oh-so charming version of how Punk sounded to the ears of teens rather than to those of critics and music journalists. Totally love the cover, which folds out to the poster you see. Hard to come by. Enjoy!

No more love.mp3