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CRIPPLED YOUTH- Join the Fight 7″EP (New Beginning Records, USA, 1986)

CrippledYouth_frontCrippledYouth_backCrippledYouth_lyricsaCrippledYouth_vinylaCrucialYouth_vinylbAfter the youngest band in Hardcore, here’s another band full of youngsters. It’d be so easy to slag off CRIPPLED YOUTH mercilessly – not only for the fact that after this they became BOLD, one of these countless post-Hardcore bands that give me the creeps. Just check out the lyrics we’ve got here like the immortal words in “Positive Scene”: “I don’t know what your scene’s like, or if it’s really cool, I just know what my scene’s like and I think it fucking rules” – no wonder bands like CRUCIAL YOUTH took the piss out of these posi-bands and even the german SPERMBIRDS had a song called “No Punks in K-Town” (on their fabulous “Something to prove” LP from 1987) that was directly aimed at Crippled Youth and what they stood for – things had begun to drastically change. suddenly, you had all these insecure kids singing about friendship, walking tall and respect. Scary shit, man.

But apart from the obvious sillyness, and that could have been one of the main motiviations for me to post this any other day than today, I was really surprised when playing “Join the Fight”. Some of the songs in their naivety didn’t sound half as bad as I had remembered them. There’s something really driving in the music and that has a lot to do with the simple but effective hammering of the skins. I love that. It’s obvious that YOUTH OF TODAY were the main influence for CRIPPLED YOUTH in every aspect.

I had this EP already sorted out to be sold with hundreds of other records. But after ripping it and writing this little piece, I realized that it’s still somehow dear to me. Maybe as a curiosity too. I mean, maybe that’s the only way to take Boyscout Hardcore.
Depicted is the second press, by the way. Funny, how the printers forgot to remove their I-dunno-how-you-call-these-scales before making the offset film.

Walk tall, walk straight.mp3
Positive Scene.mp3
Can’t you see.mp3
Not just Talk.mp3
Stand together.mp3
K-Town Mosh Crew.mp3
United we stand.mp3

PS: The errorous link for “Positive Scene” is fixed now!