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Monthly Archives: July 2009

SAINT VITUS- Hallow’s Victim LP (SST, USA, 1985)


«Hallow’s Victim» was the 2nd full length by SAINT VITUS and the last one featuring original singer Scott Reagers. Although this LP all in all is not as throughoutly perfect as the first, self titled one, it’s still one scorcher and it eludes me why this has never been officially re-released. I couldn’t pick a […]

THE FREEZE- Guilty Face 7″EP (Modern Method Records, USA, 1984)


Yesterday, I saw THE FREEZE live for the first time ever. I wasn’t expecting too much, although “Land of the Lost” is one of the five best albums ever released methinks and I doubt there’s another Hardcore record I played as often as this. Then again, I normally don’t attend Hardcore shows anymore and the […]

BEAVER- s/t 7″EP (Choice Cuts Records, USA, 1981)


One of the lesser known DC-related Hardcore Punk records and much of the attention it’s still getting seems to be coming mainly from the participation of Tom Lyle from GOVERNMENT ISSUE. BEAVER also had a great song (“Punch him int he Head” redone) on the «Bouncing Babies» Comp. LP. This is such a great EP! […]

BUFFALO- Battle torn Heroes, c/w Women of the Night 7″ (Heavy Metal Records, UK, 1980)


When I recently watched “The Story of ANVIL”, I couldn’t help but ask myself why in some cases, bands just don’t “make it” (when attempting to be commercially succesful). While in the case of Anvil (although the movie sees that differently), it might have something to do with the vocals, the lyrics and the general […]

SPERMA- s/t 12″EP (Another Swiss Label, Switzerland, 1979)


Three more mongo hits from Switzerland’s SPERMA (check this link for their first 7″ and this one for the alternate version of it). Three love songs of sorts here: “Schmier” (“Cops”) deals with the boys in blue, “No more Love” with the Punk lifestyle and the epic “Radio” is dedicated to the swiss national radio […]

SACK-0′-WOES- The Paranoids are coming 12″EP (Looprekords, Holland, 2009)


Finally a new promo record that’s worth reviewing (and finally a new post, so you might say)! It’s the first 12″er, after a few 7″ers, by Holland’s SACK-‘O-WOES. While I’m not particularly fond of Retro Punk and this indeed sounds like modern Dirty Punk ‘n’ Roll, I must say that at least to me, it […]

HELLWITCH- Transgressive Sentience Demo Cassette (selfproduced, USA, 1986)


HELLWITCH from Gainesville / Florida were one of the most original of the early Death Metal bands. Quite technical, fast (especially on the 1990 CD-album that followed this demo). There’s something really morbid about this band’s sound. On “Transgressive Sentience”, the band showed a remarkable progress compared to the somewhat more generic first demo tape […]

CRIPPLED YOUTH- Join the Fight 7″EP (New Beginning Records, USA, 1986)


After the youngest band in Hardcore, here’s another band full of youngsters. It’d be so easy to slag off CRIPPLED YOUTH mercilessly – not only for the fact that after this they became BOLD, one of these countless post-Hardcore bands that give me the creeps. Just check out the lyrics we’ve got here like the […]