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MAD SOCIETY- s/t 7″EP (Hit & Run Records, USA, 1981)

MadSociety_frontMadSociety_backMadSociety_vinylaMadSociety_vinylbSpeaking of good bad music: Imagine a bunch of (pre)-pubertal kids dressing up, sneaking into their older brothers Hardcore band practice room and start imitating what they just heard. That’s more or less what you get here, including songs about Riot Squads and Napalm.
MAD SOCIETY too came from L.A., just like SIN 34. This EP and some tracks on “You can’t argue with success” is about what they left behind. I mean, it’s not really a record you’d flip out over, but as a document of time and a curiosity it’s really neat.Check the credits on the back side and the dedication to Tom Waits, Jello Biafra and (in capitals) Rodney Bingenheimer. Who was really behind this kids?
As cute as this is, it’s also quite bizarre. Who can tell us more about this band and its history?

This EP doesn’t show up too often, so enjoy the probably youngest Hardcore band ever. Found this in a thrift store in NJ in summer of 1986. Played it maybe 10 times in all these years.

Riot Squad.mp3
Little Devil.mp3