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WRETCHED- La tua Morte non aspetta Mini-LP (Chaos Produzioni, Italy, 1986)

Wretched_latuamorteWretched_latuamorte_backHow foolish I was! When one of my most beloved Hardcore bands released this 2nd 12″ record, I didn’t like it at all. Not only I didn’t – everybody said (and says) that this Mini-LP sounds “Metal” (which of course wouldn’t be no crime), but that’s bullshit. The difference from the band’s wilder days is obviously the higher production standard, best heard in the drum sound: In its dominance and with the reverb, it sounds almost a bit hardrockish, but that’s it as far as the metal thing goes. Also, the strings were downtuned, but that only results in a fuller sound, not unlike that of later CCM. Apart from that, this mii-album is not too far off stylisticly of the legendary “Libero di vivere, Libero di morire” LP. So all in all, you have the same desparate gut feeling of italian Hardcore. Gianmario, the singer has a way to put words into singing, that’s really unique. What power comes through, even when he holds himself back!

Two first two songs are maybe the best here. Especially “Sezionati vivi” (an anti-vivisection song), really haunts you with a gloomy guitar riffs, almost atonal, just what WRETCHED were always unbeaten in. The following “Verso il tuo Orizzonte” is a hectic thrash song, again spiced up by the use of some genre-untypical guitar bits. On the b-side, you get three more songs, of which “Vivere nell’ Incubo” stands out, not only with its AMEBIX-esque intro part.
All in all a really compact piece of work, ringing the bells of death for the fading Hardcore movement. Things had come to an end and this what this EP breathes.

As always, this slab came with a handful of inserts.

Senti il richiamo.mp3
Sezionati vivi (nei Laboratori della Morte).mp3
Verso il tuo Orrizonte.mp3
Angosce / Pensieri.mp3
Vivere nell’ Incubo.mp3
La tua Morte non aspetta.mp3