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GENERICS- Societal Hemhorrage 7″EP (selfproduced, Canada, 1985)

generics_frontgenerics_backThought it was about time for a repost of this criminally undererstimated little pearl. This could widely be considered a classic and I will never understand why it isn’t. Even if you did first time around – give this another listen. All freshly re-ripped with love. First published Aug 3 2006.

Recorded in 1983 but due to the tragic death of the singer Marc Sahrmann not released until early 1985, this is one of the records that are just too great for words. Apparently very much on the anarcho-side of things as far as lyrics and graphics go, the music is a very unique mixture of saxophone-driven punk with out-in-space guitars and the vehemence of Hardcore. I really have never heard anything like this before! Totally underrated, obscured, forgotten – hopefully this may help in changing that.

Collectors notice: the original press was either 400 or 500 copies (that’s what my sources say). In the mid 90’s, some very nice chap from Germany made a 300 copies bootleg of this and that was a true labour of love, complete with heavy stock cover (the original has a very thin paper foldout) and all. I wish I hadn’t sold my copy of it!

Due to the greatness and rarity of this gem, I’m making it fully accessible. Put your feet up and get ready for some serious mind-bogglin’ and emotional overflow:

Freedom Six Feet Down.mp3
Outcasts Of Society.mp3
There Are No Virgins Anymore.mp3

Postscriptum: Oh yes, the crackling. Well, this is what happens if you have a professional jazz fan with his professional superduper record cleaning machine taking care of your worthless punk shit. It cost me 3 $.