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V/A DIE DEUTSCHEN KOMMEN- Compilation LP (Rock-O-Rama, Germany, 1982)

img_0349img_0350img_0351Classic, notorious and hard to find compilation album on the controversial Rockorama label.
FASAGA open up with four great, funny songs: Simple music totally dominated by the singing. In this case, the melodic and wacky vocals sound heavily inspired by the Neue Deutsche Welle thing that was on its peak in 1982. It adds a weird kind of feeling. After this, DER FLUCH deliver another 4 songs of somehow pretentious but spooky music. Very simple again and again a vocalist of presence and strange lyrics. COTZBROCKEN are rumored to be the dumbest Punk band to ever come out of Germany. In fact, the lyrics are so dumb it hurts, but I like the aggression of the anti-hippy song “Kiffer”. Next up: OHL. And bloody hell, do destroy! Aggressive and abrassive, forceful and fierce. That’s how I love it. “Ich sah die Kirchen brennen, ich sah den Papst weinen” – “I saw churches burning, I saw the Pope weeping”: That’s how the second OHL song starts off and what a scorcher that one is! The best this controversial band ever recorded. I remember in 1982, some of the more right wing Metalheads got into OHL. Amadeus was one of them, a skinny guy who got a lot of shit for his dumb parents name choice, taped me some OHL once and I immediately deleted it, I hated it so much. STOSSTRUPP close the album with three very rough and aggressive songs.
Each 500 made on pink and black vinyl. Bootleged recently.

Download the entire «Die Deutschen kommen» compilation ripped with love here. The folder includes the booklet.