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BASTA- Non posso sopportare questa sporca Situazione 7″EP (Basta Records, Italy, 1982)

basta_frontbasta_backbasta_vinylabasta_vinylbI heard your desperate call and now here’s some more Oi-Punk from Italy. BASTA, that’s what I heard, showed a bit more affection for the rightwing scene. Well, well, well. Don’t know much more about BASTA and quite frankly: I never understood the whole concept of Oi and how this was supposed to be going together with Punk and all that. Some has more about the specific italian scene of the early 80s?

Musically, it’s a bit tougher than ROUGH though less Hardcore-ish. A stronger UK-influence is there, but still, I think this is a neat little stomper. Not quite as catchy as the last one, but with some nice moments (and one helluva drummer again) and a powerful singer. Lyrically, the topic of drug use oopsy abuse seems to be the main issue, as well as the usual “I’ll never change”-stuff.

If this going to be such a huge success like the last Oi post, I’m gonna pull out some more of these little gemms from my vaults of horror, haha.
Nessun Pudore.mp3
Non cambiero mai.mp3
Basta con la Polvere.mp3