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ROUGH- Tornio e la mia Citta & 3 7″EP (Meccano Records, Italy, 1982)

rough_frontrough_backrough_vinylrough_vinyl2The undisputed king of all Italian Oi-related records: ROUGH and their claim for Torino! From what I’ve heard, italian Oi-bands were often fascists, but not so ROUGH.

This is their only lifetime vinyl release, apart from several compilation appearances. And its by far their best material. All four songs on this low-budget 7″ are great, catchy and rough Punk, bordering to Hardcore and with an Oi-edge. “Torno é la mia Citta” is my fave track here and it’s a real smasher of a simple singalong hit – totally suits the 32 degrees celsius we have in Zurich right now. What makes it twice as great is the really cheesy and horrible intro part. You’ll think, what the fuck – another mongo band? “No Mai” has a clear Hardcore edge, with a typical italian riffing intro and excellent powerful singing. Flip the record over and you find two songs in english: The catchy “Riot in the Street” and the phenomenal “Abuse of Power”.

Released on the legendary Meccano label and with a press run of 1’000 copies. Kinda hard to find.

Torino e la mia Citta.mp3
No mai.mp3
Riot in the Street.mp3
Abuse of Power.mp3