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ROUGH- Tornio e la mia Citta & 3 7″EP (Meccano Records, Italy, 1982)

rough_frontrough_backrough_vinylrough_vinyl2The undisputed king of all Italian Oi-related records: ROUGH and their claim for Torino! From what I’ve heard, italian Oi-bands were often fascists, but not so ROUGH.

This is their only lifetime vinyl release, apart from several compilation appearances. And its by far their best material. All four songs on this low-budget 7″ are great, catchy and rough Punk, bordering to Hardcore and with an Oi-edge. “Torno é la mia Citta” is my fave track here and it’s a real smasher of a simple singalong hit – totally suits the 32 degrees celsius we have in Zurich right now. What makes it twice as great is the really cheesy and horrible intro part. You’ll think, what the fuck – another mongo band? “No Mai” has a clear Hardcore edge, with a typical italian riffing intro and excellent powerful singing. Flip the record over and you find two songs in english: The catchy “Riot in the Street” and the phenomenal “Abuse of Power”.

Released on the legendary Meccano label and with a press run of 1’000 copies. Kinda hard to find.

Torino e la mia Citta.mp3
No mai.mp3
Riot in the Street.mp3
Abuse of Power.mp3


  1. stefan

    the italian hardcore master does it again! another record of which i only know the title cuz it’s so damn hard to find. thanks so much erich!!!!!!


    Posted on 24-May-09 at 11:24 | Permalink
  2. Seeing how popular this is, I might post more Oi from now on. 🙂


    Posted on 25-May-09 at 11:35 | Permalink
  3. Oi! Oi! up the punx. Drum intro to Riot in the Street is priceless. Think I’ve listened to it about 15 times in a row laughing my ass off :D.


    Posted on 25-May-09 at 12:17 | Permalink
  4. Three comments and one by myself. You can’t do this or else, I’ll post the next italian Oi-record right away!!


    Posted on 27-May-09 at 03:34 | Permalink
  5. matt

    I remember the song “riot in the streets” from that italian punk compilation you put out on the web waay back (way back like 2000, yeah)…. RAAAAIOT IN THE STREETS haha



    Posted on 27-May-09 at 07:46 | Permalink
  6. Not a real big oi fan in the past but this one grew on me pretty quick. I think I’ve softened in my old age even though I did leave a negative comment on an Exploited record on another site. I’m not commenting because of your threat either becuase the reality is whatever you post always has something special about it, shit 99 out of a 100 times it’s something I’ve never heard. 32 degrees celcius is something 89 degrees farenheit. Riot whether man. I was always told northern europeans were so dark and melancholy, what do the Swiss do when it’s so nice out?


    Posted on 27-May-09 at 09:02 | Permalink
  7. Good to see you liked this a bit, Justin. I’m not so sure about these clichés – people are the same everywhere. You’ll find every sort everywhere. I for instance do a lot of mountain biking and hiking, especially when the weather’s good or I just go out and find myself a nice place in the sun. Now that the first heatwave of the year’s over (yesterday it peaked at 35), the weather fairly sunny again though over 10 degrees colder. Nice!


    Posted on 27-May-09 at 09:36 | Permalink
  8. mike

    if you must post more Italian Oi, could you perhaps find some Dioxina, or Klaxon? grazie


    Posted on 27-May-09 at 12:31 | Permalink
  9. Klaxon is awful and I don’t think I have any Dioxina material here.


    Posted on 28-May-09 at 01:24 | Permalink
  10. This record rules hella hard.


    Posted on 29-May-09 at 20:37 | Permalink
  11. eddie

    how bout hope and glory ep?


    Posted on 30-May-09 at 13:06 | Permalink
  12. Falco

    This is great. As a point of interest there was also a CD of unreleased material released a few years back. Demos, live etc…..not quite as “together” as this haha, but still great. Ragazzi scegliete noi, no politica tra di noi!

    tuff stuff…


    Posted on 02-Jun-09 at 22:52 | Permalink
  13. tony

    Record collectors are pretentious assholes! Yep this is on the cover Pig had this who knows how he got it but that man loved crack heroin records jalapeño poppers and records


    Posted on 06-Nov-13 at 05:38 | Permalink

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