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Monthly Archives: May 2009

BASTA- Non posso sopportare questa sporca Situazione 7″EP (Basta Records, Italy, 1982)


I heard your desperate call and now here’s some more Oi-Punk from Italy. BASTA, that’s what I heard, showed a bit more affection for the rightwing scene. Well, well, well. Don’t know much more about BASTA and quite frankly: I never understood the whole concept of Oi and how this was supposed to be going […]

ROUGH- Tornio e la mia Citta & 3 7″EP (Meccano Records, Italy, 1982)


The undisputed king of all Italian Oi-related records: ROUGH and their claim for Torino! From what I’ve heard, italian Oi-bands were often fascists, but not so ROUGH. This is their only lifetime vinyl release, apart from several compilation appearances. And its by far their best material. All four songs on this low-budget 7″ are great, […]

JERRY’S KIDS- Live in Boston, May Day 1983


Fucking hell – on this live tape, JERRY’S KIDS are so incredibly tight, it sounds as if somebody had simply put on the “Is this my World” LP and blasts it off over the P.A. Relentless, extremely aggressive and fast, this is my personal fave of the four JERRY’S KIDS live tapes I have in […]

HIRAX- Demo Tape (selfproduced, USA, 1984)


Before HIRAX were one serious motherfucker of a Thrash Metal band that more and and more stretched out into Hardcore-crossover territories, they released one of the best non-british NWOBHM recordings: This four track demo tape from 1984! I had ordered this after I read about it in one of the underground magazines. The name HIRAX […]

TOXOPLASMA- s/t Demo Tape (selfproduced, Germany, 1981)


That’s the great thing about this blog: Sometimes people support it and its idea by providing freesource material. Early this week, I had a box full of original demo tapes in the mail. Thanks a bunch Joachim! Here’s the first demo tape by Germany’s TOXOPLASMA who were one of the most popular of the 2nd […]

PARALEX- White Lightning & 2 12″EP (Reddingtons Rare Records, UK, 1980)


No Metal discrimination here, so here’s another NWOBHM gemm. PARALEX only released this most wonderful 12er in 1980 and then disappeared from the radars. In 1981 or 1982, I used to be a Heavy Metal Joyrider. That sounds spectacular, but it wasn’t really. Mofas were the big thing for a youngster like me, but my […]

UPRIGHT CITIZENS- Bombs of Peace Mini-LP (H’artcore, Germany, 1982)


A while ago, I’ve posted the final EP by UPRIGHT CITIZENS, “Facts and Views”. Since I’ve been riding the German HC / Punk wave here at home all week long, I just couldn’t resist – so here’s the incredible debut by the Ãœber-Citizens. The record starts off with a real slap in the face: “Bombs […]

CRAPSCRAPERS- Don’t waste Money 7″EP (selfproduced, Germany, 1985)


From Berlin came CRAPSCRAPERS – the german WRETCHED. Abrassive, primitive and maybe not the elaboratest piece of plastic ever released, but when I came home from work today, I had this on my mind and I knew, it would be the perfect thing to kick start the weekend. I used to play this record up […]

MOBS- Diabolism 7″EP (Noise Room Records, Japan, 1984)


One of the greatest EP from Japan comes from MOBS. Although this is pretty poorly recorded, the evilism is striking. Very much in the vein of GISM and the the likes, these kinda heavy, gloomy tracks are breeding discomfort and aggression. Wicked! What’s so typical for japanese Hardcore is the strange mixture of total frenzy […]