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JAGUAR- Axe crazy, b/w War Machine 7″ (Neat Records, UK, 1982)

jaguar_axefront1jaguar_axebackOne of the undisputable landmarks of the New Wave of Brititsh Heavy Metal: Fast & furious, highly melodic and catchy as fuck – the second 7″ by JAGUAR. “Axe crazy” features speedy double bass action that predates most in the Speed / Thrash Metal genre. Totally like a sped up version of DIAMOND HEAD. Insane, this song, insane. Whenever I played this in the past 26 years that I knew it, it left me speechless. I played this 7″ so often that I totally ruined it. Had to buy me a spare copy recently. The flip, “War MAchine” is just as great, though it’s not as fast. I don’t know, but JAGUAR always created this heavy, thick atmosphere, kinda gloomy, so that every touching of the chords, every break sounds meaningful. You cannot top this, you simple can’t. This is one perfect, flawless, timeless 7″. For the band’s first 7″ and a bit more text, follow this link.

Garry Pepperd, Chris Lovell, Jeff Cox and Paul Merell – thank you forever and ever for this!

I would like to dedicate this especially to my friend Dave. I hope things will get better for you soon.

Axe crazy.mp3
War Machine.mp3