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RATTUS- WC Räjähthää 12″EP (Poko Rekords, Finland, 1982)

p4090003p4090004The only northern euro record that comes close (very close!) to the unbeaten glory of TERVEET KÄDET’s “Äretön Joulu” 7″ EP. RATTUS released three 7″s and one so-so 12″EP prior to this slab. What can I say? This is so dry and brutal and sounds like the blueprint for so many bands that still copy this sound, somtimes with more, sometimes with less success. One of the essentials in Hardcore and one record that amazes me again and again and again. When digitizing this, I realized by looking at the waveforms, that the records immense impact does not come from a perfect mastering job (there could be done a lot here!). Next to the great recording and the professional engineering, it’s simply the musicianship of these four gentlemen. They play tight as my dad’s ass. The power of this exploding toilet (I think that’s the translation of the EP title) is overwhelming and the entire record is a tour de force, leaving you breathless.
The front cover was drawn by Pushead (as was the cover of the follow-up, a kinda weak 12er) and I think this was entirely re-released on that LP on NY based Rat Cage Records (the one with the skull sleeve – I never had that. Drop me a line if you happen to have a spare copy). From what a ultra quick internet research tells me, the entire Poko recordings from 1981-1984 have been re-released on a CD in 1994 already.

Download the entire WC RÄJÄTHÄÄ 12″EP by RATTUS here, ripped with utmost care from the original vinyl. The sound totally destroys!