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JAGUAR- Back Street Woman, b/w Chasing the Dragon 7″ (Heavy Metal Records, UK, 1981)

jaguar_firstfrontjaguar_firstbackjaguar_firstvinylajaguar_firstvinylbThere was this guy. Everybody just called him “Psycho” and he seemed to feel comfortable with the name given. Where it originated from, I did not know at first. A skinny geezer, always nervous, hectic, driven, always muttering his words, never standing still with a curtain of hair around his pingpong-head. He was in his late 30s and was known for possessing one of the largest Metal and Punk collections far and wide and one day in 1982, he finally invited me to his apartment. I was surprised to see a very chic, two level apartment, with a spiral stairway in the middle of the living room. He led me straight away to that stairway to the upper level. There were like 2 or 3 rooms and he opened the door to one of them. No, he didn’t really open the door, it was more like storming the room. The main light was off, but endless lines of fairy lights and tinsel decorated the room. The altar. It was full of records, thousands of them, many on display, drapped with tinsel in gold and silver, lights, candles and things like that. It was kind of freaky and I felt very uncomfortable right away. There was no record player in the room, I clearly remember that. I started going through the records and could feel that long, silent pain that you sometimes feel when you see records you’d love to have so much. He had them all. A bit later, he pointed to the first JAGUAR single on the wall. It was sleeveless. I said: “I’ve seen this with a picture sleeve. Why is yours missing?” – “I was married”, he answered, with his head constantly turning and moving around, “and last year my young boy put on a Micky Mouse sticker on the front of the sleeve, so I had to smack him. My wife then decided it was enough and she left me.” He said that like a machine would talk: Quietly and without the slightest emotion.
In the early 90s, he overdosed on heroin; he had begun trading in his collection for the powder a few years earlier, but I didn’t know that. I knew I had bought some of his records at the local shop, but I did not know until later I practically bought off his life with every piece of vinyl I took home.

Back Street Woman.mp3
Chasing the Dragon.mp3