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SPERMA- Züri Punks, b/w Bombs 7″ (Another Swiss Label, Switzerland, 1979)

sperma_firstfrontsperma_firstbacksperma_insidesperma_inside2And here is the first pressing of the first SPERMA 7″. A while ago, we’ve had the 2nd press of this single with the different picture sleeve and b-side song (“Sinnlos”). Thanks to the financial crisis, this copy could be acquired for about a fourth of what it used to cost on Ebay and the typical lists (and it was still about twenty times costlier than when I first saw it in the record shops … oh well).

Mongo Rock of the finest sort. So demented in its attempt to be punk. The lyrics are hillarious, and when they sing “Woodstock isch Scheisse gsii” (“Woodstock was shit”), I can’t choke laughing no longer.

I love the cover of this. The picture, the raw raster, the heavy paper. You know that artifacts like this will sooner or later end up in museums and art galeries. The music is , well, I think I said everyting in the last SPERMA post already. To find out more about it – well maybe not so much the band itself, but how I portray it, follow the link above.

Züri Punx.mp3