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Monthly Archives: April 2009

DAYGLO ABORTIONS- Unreleased 7″EP (Canada, 1982)


We’ve had a bit of a Metal thing going on here the last couple of weeks, so what could be better than keepin’ on surfing the same wave a bit longer, yet going Punk? The heaviest Punk band in the world: Canada’s DAYGLO ABORTIONS. I got the demo from one of my penpals from Canada […]

JAGUAR- Axe crazy, b/w War Machine 7″ (Neat Records, UK, 1982)


One of the undisputable landmarks of the New Wave of Brititsh Heavy Metal: Fast & furious, highly melodic and catchy as fuck – the second 7″ by JAGUAR. “Axe crazy” features speedy double bass action that predates most in the Speed / Thrash Metal genre. Totally like a sped up version of DIAMOND HEAD. Insane, […]

SAVAGE- The complete Discography 1981-1984


I’ve never done this before, but I feel it’s necessary. SAVAGE were one of the NWOBHM’s most influential bands and it’s a major shame that their material seems to be a bit difficult to get, even on CD. There’s been a bootleg CD of the first LP, with a horrible sound and I’m afraid to […]

DISGUST- Trash back! Demo Tape (SFP-Tapes, Holland, 1985)


DISGUST from Holland had released a demo tape prior to this and it never impressed me too much. But as soon as I found the 2nd demo in the mail, I was blown away, and upon playing it again recently, I was still very impressed. Very desperate sounding hectic and brutal Hardcore, much in the […]

RATTUS- WC Räjähthää 12″EP (Poko Rekords, Finland, 1982)


The only northern euro record that comes close (very close!) to the unbeaten glory of TERVEET KÄDET’s “Äretön Joulu” 7″ EP. RATTUS released three 7″s and one so-so 12″EP prior to this slab. What can I say? This is so dry and brutal and sounds like the blueprint for so many bands that still copy […]

UPRIGHT CITIZENS- Facts and Views 7″EP (Skvaller Records, Sweden, 1985)


UPRIGHT CITIZENS from Germany were one of the first & major Euro Hardcore bands with an “american” sound. The bands first two releases, the incredible “Bombs of Peace” MiniLP and the great “Make the Future mine and yours” LP set new standards for Hardcore in Germany (and beyond): A clean, crisp sound, a tight rhythm […]

JAGUAR- Back Street Woman, b/w Chasing the Dragon 7″ (Heavy Metal Records, UK, 1981)


There was this guy. Everybody just called him “Psycho” and he seemed to feel comfortable with the name given. Where it originated from, I did not know at first. A skinny geezer, always nervous, hectic, driven, always muttering his words, never standing still with a curtain of hair around his pingpong-head. He was in his […]

SPERMA- Züri Punks, b/w Bombs 7″ (Another Swiss Label, Switzerland, 1979)


And here is the first pressing of the first SPERMA 7″. A while ago, we’ve had the 2nd press of this single with the different picture sleeve and b-side song (“Sinnlos”). Thanks to the financial crisis, this copy could be acquired for about a fourth of what it used to cost on Ebay and the […]