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ABC DIABOLO- s/t 7″EP (Off The Disk Records, Switzerland, 1992)

abcd_frontabcdiaboloabcd_lyrics_aabcd_insertbA BAND CALLED DIABOLO. This is one of the latter Off The Disk releases in which I wasn’t really involved. I think Thomas was or is close to the band’s singer Andreas. To be honest, I never cared too much about this EP, but when I recently put it on after years and years, I seemed to understand why this is considered to be a “classic”. I’m asking this without irony: Is this “Emo”? I really don’t know because I never cared for retro HC too much (few exceptions). It’s weird, but when the Revelation-hype was going on, I began to understand that I didn’t understand the scene no more. When the 90s started with records like this (yes, this could be one of the first “real” 90s records), I felt totally alienated. Something had changed completely. Music and the imagery had become a pose: Self-reference, just like in Hip Hop, had begun to play a central role. It all felt so shallow and forced.
Upon doing a little research on ABC DIABOLO, I found an article in which somebody said that the band was heavily influenced by NEGAZIONE. Okay, I can hear that. It’s not only the screaming vocals, it’s also the weird, sometimes atonal riffing. A bit of CCM too, maybe? Apart from that and overwhelmingly so, it’s “the 90s” you hear. I think.
There’s something wicked and sick about this EP and from what I remember, the LP was hefty too. I thzink some of the pressing ofthis was on red vinyl, but I’m not sure. Maybe the testpressings only?
I wish I could tell you a bit more of substance, but I can’t. Fill us all in with your opinions, infos, corrections.

Superlative People.mp3
Their Choice for you.mp3

PS: Here are the exact pressing numbers (thanks much, Thomas!):

915 on red wax
130 on black wax
24  mixed colors red/black wax