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(IMPATIENT) YOUTH- s/t 7″EP (selfproduced, USA, 1980)

impatientyouth_frontimpatientyouth_backimpatientyouth_vinylaimpatientyouth_vinylbI just come from watching Gus van Sant’s “Milk”. What a melodramatic, hollywoodesque soap opera was that?! Sean Penn’s acting was almost as funny as Adolf Hitler who played Bruno Ganz. If you want to see a great movie about Milk and the riots (check the first Dead Kennedys album cover!), do yourself a favor and get the documentary “The Times of Harvey Milk” by Ron Epstein instead.
While the movie was disappointing, this San Francisco band is not! but I know, this is not going to get the attention and appreciation  it deserves, and I never said the world was about justice and understanding. I never really understood why some people wouldn’t enjoy (IMPATIENT) YOUTH as much as I do. The posthumous LP released on Lost & Found records a while ago is just perfect. In fact, the LP is even better than this – cause it’s longer and it includes some songs of this EP in different variations, among many other timeless classics.

All the songs here on are priceless. Simple, charming, with a certain folk appeal and pretty much the opposite of “brutal”, “heavy” or “massive”. Fave song? (I)mpossible to say. Well, “Wasted Life” always puts a smile on that face of mine, what a shameless BEATLES ripoff (“I feel fine”). “Sex Affair” is the band’s fastest song, a true rocker. And the sleeve is neat too, innit.
A box of these EPs surfaced in the mid 90s, but I haven’t seen it too often ever since.
I labelled this PeterPop although I know Peter doesn’t like the band. He should make up his mind.

More of this criminally underrated band can & should be found here.

Definition empty.mp3
Working Girl.mp3
Wasted Life.mp3
Business Man.mp3
Don’t listen to the Radio.mp3
Sex Affair.mp3