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SKREWDRIVER- All skrewed up LP (Chiswick Records, UK, 1977)

dangerousmusicdangerousmusic2What worries me most about this album – is a 45 rpm LP really an LP or is it just a MiniLP?

And here are some of the highlights from the ongoing debate over at Peter’s, who posted the great “You’re so dumb” 7″ by the Skrewies. Some are dead serious, some are not – try to find out which is which. Let’s call this the Skrewdriver-mantra:

«I had this record, but could not play it. I despise anyone that uses hatred of another to justify their hatred for themselves. I gave this record away¦ I don’t care what the music was like before they became racists. Next record please. There were hundreds of other great records coming out at the time of this release¦I would rather hear those. Thanks.»

«Hell, Hitler was a pretty good scenic painter.»

«i cant believe youre posting nazi punk now. ¦so uncool.»

«Once a bonehead, always a bonehead. You may justify your liking for this shit band all you want…I do not. That is all. I will gladly fix the brakes on your car for you.»

«A little academic nuance makes Peter and Erich such sophisticated thinkers. Reminds me of the type of thinking that causes women to bare their breasts and present red teddy bears!»

«Face it, the music is not too good either.»

«The music is really not that good.»

«My opinion with such bands is,that there are enough great bands why should I waste my time listening to SUCH bands,even if they were -in their formative years- “no nazi´s”. If I want Street-Punk without a hint of art, I rather prefer to listen to MENACE, instead.»

«Whatever your beliefs are, how you receive early Skrewdriver partly depends on your own racial background. It doesn’t matter whether good old Ian was a professed racist at the – “he influenced a lot of people to become racists and that makes the world a shittier place for me and my children. Likewise, I doubt there are a lot of gay Bad Brains fans out there.»

Download the first really good sounding vinyl rip of “All skrewed up” here.



    crazy collectors LOL but yeah that ebay story is funny though I like kbd the best after the unbeatable gbm (best rips best stories best music). skrewdriver can generally suck my arse.


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  2. As always: Go over to Peter’s if you have to say something to him.

    That “Hail the new dawn” album is indeed incredibly good, Simon. I only downloaded it yesterday (haha – total newbie) but I can’t get it out of my head already. The lyrics will hopefully not turn me into a nazi. Funny thing is that bums like these Skrewdriver losers and their followers would have been among the first to end up with a bullet in the head. But that’s maybe how right wing extremism has changed through the course of the 20th century: From the politics of the winners, opportunists and modernists to that of the total losers. We should hug more nazis.


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  3. The people who moan are the ones that really wish they could buy all the shit they want on eBay. I can’t understand the jealousy. Since I’ve never been that myself.

    If they had been more into buying/trading records when they where young they might’ve acquired shit they could sell or trade later on to get stuff they wanted now. That they think that’s a problem and that someone has the guts to post it as some blog really shows the pityness of their little miserable lifes.


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  4. no nazi friend

    the rip quality is super great! had this on a half legal cd before and I swear to ian your rips sound twice as powerful.


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  5. SwePete

    Thanks for the rip! Owned it, sold it, regretted it. So what did I do? I bought a effing boot. Sound quality? Non!
    Now I am going to listen to Mental Funeral(a little gem that I have forgot).


    Posted on 13-Mar-09 at 13:02 | Permalink
  6. gorehound

    The original version of Skrewdriver were not nazis in any way or form.The nazi Skrewdriver was a different lineup but had the same vocalist.In the 70’s this band was like any other punk band in the UK.
    All you have to do is listen to the lyrics and you won’t find any nazi krap.I have all old Skrewdriver in the 70’s and listened to it then as well and I am Jewish.
    When Ian reformed this band he got new members,used the same name,and made it into the hated NAZI krap music.


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  7. Ryan

    I ended up not really liking this. Just like Russian Winter.


    Posted on 13-Mar-09 at 17:23 | Permalink
  8. Simon

    Peter– I wish I agreed with you about stupid skinheads being the first to go, but I don’t– seems they always found a place for the sadistic, the vicious, the psychopathic and the bullying, no matter how stupid, there’s a brown shirt waiting for the dogs of the street.

    KBD = eBay guy– the critics are always anonymous, aren’t they? Yes, this is the wrong place to be discussing the KBD blog, but seriously…do you have any idea what those guys were actually up to back then? Not sitting around on the internet sniping in secrecy, that’s for sure.

    Gorehound– I recommend reading the preceding posts in threads like this before posting your own.


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  9. Simon, who ever you are ;):”but seriously…do you have any idea what those guys were actually up to back then?” no that’s why I can say and assume anything I want as long as they’re still living at home with mom borrowing her PC to download and comment anonymously on the internet.


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  10. Dinero

    Great record, thanks for posting this. Yea it’s a shame that they went all faig with the nazi stuff admiring themselves in tight pants and boots and rubbing each other’s bald or blond hairs in a circle jerk but honestly, if it’s great tunes, coming from whatever belief, I’m for it. 75% of the bands I listen to are left-wing yahoos who would support the idiotic hypocritical crocodile-teared ritual that is communism, some are satanic, some are anarchists, some are way too conservative…sure they’re all a bunch of imbeciles but music speaks to me and if it sounds good, i’ll give it a listen…after this album, except for back with a bang/boots and braces, all the other Skrewdriver stuff blew anyway.


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  11. Okay, I’m halfway through the album and I FUCKING LOVE IT! These guys were original and a little ahead of their time. Some of the songs sound like Crypt Records-style garage rock. Very heavily influenced by The Who, too, which isn’t something you hear too often in this kind of punk.

    Fortunately, I’m a white American of mostly German descent, so I’m not offended by this album. The quarter Polish in me is angry, though, and makes me want to attack tanks on horseback.


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  12. malfeitor

    “As always: Go over to Peter’s if you have to say something to him.”

    I thought he lived across the hall from you and you would go over to tell him when someone had something to say about him on your site (and maybe borrow a cup of sugar). So can you write the following on a piece of paper-
    “Impatient Youth Rock!”
    and slide it under his door for me?


    Posted on 18-Mar-09 at 19:24 | Permalink
  13. eddie

    peter, just because u still live with your parents doesn’t mean everyone does. i’m a homeowner with a swimming pool, a dog, and toyota tundra. maybe i’m a capitalist punk but i live my life for me!


    Posted on 23-Mar-09 at 20:39 | Permalink
  14. “eddie” your name isn’t “eddie” it’s Mike Rush. Are you afraid of something? By the way you ain’t that funny. I expected some really thoughtful and funny stuff coming from you :). It’s like saying “he who accused the others for farting is the one who did it” not that funny.


    Posted on 24-Mar-09 at 01:11 | Permalink
  15. And of course you’re a capitalist punk. Your shitty made CDRs financed your life style.


    Posted on 24-Mar-09 at 01:12 | Permalink
  16. Rivethead

    why do you keep responding peter? let the guy play around a little. nobody cares.


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  17. Ha ha cause I know how upset he gets. That just makes me so stiff.


    Posted on 24-Mar-09 at 04:21 | Permalink
  18. Martin

    About Eddie, you should see what he posted on the KBD yahoo group! Totally hilarious. And yeah, Eddie is Mark Rush. Such an imbecile!


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  19. gg allin

    skrewdriver were good in the early years. i can’t downoad this because i can’t download .zip files but after listening to the your so dumb 7 i like skrewdriver before they were nazis. also why are people calling them street punk? this isn’t street punk because street punk is kind of hardcore based. then again i’m a yung scumfuck so what do i know. oh and erich you are not a nazi just because you have this. i have some burzum. does that make me an anarchist nazi? no it just makes me a guy who listens to burzum because you can’t tell what he’s saying. i will not listen to new skrewdriver but i have to say one more thing. you guys were saying how the music is bad. punk isn’t supposed to be good! punk is dirty and noone plays music good! what are you guys expecting from these guys. a fucking balad? and i will not listen to the bad brains anymore because of the homophobia thing. i’m not gay but i don’t hate people who are.


    Posted on 09-Apr-09 at 15:26 | Permalink
  20. slyme68

    perhaps some of the posters above don’t know what england was like in the 70’s… when i was a teenager, the national front marched openly down my high street on saturdays with the cops protecting their democratic right to be fascist; they were even knocking electoraly on the doors of parliament. this was in west london where there was a significant black community.

    sham69 and the specials stopped playing or split because of the fash showing at their gigs, going to see the upstarts was not safe at all.

    one of the things that punk did, deliberately, was to polarise and so draw these people out of the woodwork. this is perhaps more useful than some of the insidious racism that exists in post politically correct culture, but the intensity of the conflicts which ensued won’t be forgotten by those who lived them. the southall riot at the 4skins gig in 1979 was a turning point and a victory for both the local community and anti racist organisers.

    as a relic, skrewdriver are a bit of social history which has to be seen in context. that the debate is still going is positive in the sense that people are still attempting to disentangle their opinions into a political position but, as with all things punk, just liking or not liking the music is just not enough.


    Posted on 12-May-09 at 12:44 | Permalink
  21. Thanks for the input slyme68 – much appreciated! I can totally understand the anger and fury. I was streetfighting fascists for years too. But the first Skrewdriver album just doesn’t belong in this context.


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  22. readgeorgesbataille

    thanks for posting this erich!–my buddy who borrowed this from me is on a carrier somewhere off the coast ov india right now–great vocal mix on this record for sure–



    Posted on 13-May-09 at 01:22 | Permalink

    “MA degree in History and German Literature from the University of Zurich, Switzerland” and even doesn’t learn a shit…. what a disgrace!
    You suck! You are like the typical swiss person, square, full of rules, always making the “right things”…….aaaarrrgghhh!!
    And asking for money???!!!! WTF!!!! Is not enough for you Blogspot as all the rest???
    And Fear Of God have the worse logo ever!


    Posted on 14-May-09 at 05:05 | Permalink
  24. Hahaha. Poor bugger.


    Posted on 14-May-09 at 05:47 | Permalink
  25. What's the Truth?

    Bad Bad Music:

    Money goes toward buying space on which to store all the music you are downloading for free. Even if Erich had a blogspot, he’d probably still need money to support an account with some file hosting company…most of these bloggers do.

    Strangely appropriate to level a “typical Swiss person” stereotype on a Skrewdriver post…


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  26. elliott

    okay now that i know how to download this i see it is great. i actually think of skrewdriver as two different bands. i like th old punk skrewdriver not the nazi skrewdriver. think of it that way. actually peter gave me the idea. this band is good. this skrewdriver is killer. the nazi skrewdriver sucks but this is great artless punk. i didn’t feel guilty or bad downloading it because of the way i think.


    Posted on 07-Nov-09 at 06:14 | Permalink
  27. philipp

    thats superb if you don’t feel bad downloading this. and it’s great that you share your feelings about this record.
    und nun husch zurück ins körbchen.


    Posted on 09-Nov-09 at 16:49 | Permalink
  28. crazydude1992

    Im definately anti-racist, but I enjoy this record since its not nazi. There are no lyrcis related to nazism and racism so nothing prevents me from enjoying it. I think that if Ian started the nazi band in 1981 under a different name you people would enjoy this record.


    Posted on 19-Nov-09 at 14:22 | Permalink
  29. ivan

    I m a mexican definately I m not racist and I d like to say that all skrewed up it s a good PUNK ROCK album like many others in the 70 s I know there was MENACE, COCK SPARRER, SHAM 69, SLAUGHTER AND THE DOGS but I like it ps i dont like Ian s 80s crap


    Posted on 16-Dec-09 at 00:04 | Permalink
  30. i love their first lp and singles. i bet you bitching morons will admit to having exploited records, but does ANY of you remember wattie making pro-national front statements in the early eighties? huh?

    and by some of the thinking here, i’ll stop listening to bad brains, public enemy, last poets, etc.

    guess what folks, people can be assholes, but i keep my personal judgements apart from how i view someone’s artistic output.

    they’re great records, simple as that.


    Posted on 06-Jan-10 at 22:14 | Permalink
  31. oh yes, add reggae, the smiths, cream, agnostic front, most oi!/streetpunk, throbbing gristle, non/boyd rice, death in june/current 93, siouxsie, sex pistols, motorhead, any black metal, tons of hip-hop/rap, etc., etc….

    you get the idea.


    Posted on 07-Jan-10 at 23:05 | Permalink
  32. I sold this great record some years ago. Thank you for posting it here, so I can listen to it again. It “rotated” in my mp3-player for a long while. And I must say it again: Ian Stewart had such a fuckin’ great voice for singing in a punkrock band. Also you can hear the massive 60s-Beat influence on the music. Shame that he must’ve lost his brains some years later. Thanx again!


    Posted on 24-Apr-10 at 15:39 | Permalink
  33. satan

    to the idiot that suggested arghoselent lyrics are violently racist, you are a fuckin’ moron!


    Posted on 01-Jul-10 at 08:25 | Permalink
  34. J. Low

    Lars von Trier would say: “OK, I’m a nazi.”

    Just discovered this old post and hands down, here are some of the funniest, most entertainig comments on this blog. Better than watching the comedy channel.

    Seriously, I think it’s a damn good punkrock album, especially compared to the later stuff they did. Musically just boring and Ian’s vocals are not as good as in the earlier days. Lyrically out of question.

    Still funny how some people act like Pavlov’s dog when you give them the right stimulus. How can anybody who followed this blog longer than 5 minutes seriously think that the admin turned into a nazi or suports nazis becaue of ONE post? Oh, wait, I’m listening to the album right now (which is much much better than any so called “street punk”) and BOOM…my right arm’s just getting erected. Years of listening to punkrock couldn’t safe me from this. Ok, I’m a german, maybe we’re more liable for stuff like that 😉


    Posted on 01-Jun-11 at 11:16 | Permalink
  35. J. Low

    Addition: Some good friends of mine own this LP, too. Was I befriended with nazis and didn’t realize this all the years? 🙁


    Admin Reply:

    Jan, they’re EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    J. Low Reply:



    Posted on 01-Jun-11 at 11:18 | Permalink
  36. commie knocker

    SKREWDRIVER are a legendary SKINHEAD band, stop the jealousy you lefty mugs.


    Admin Reply:

    you’re a not so legendary genius.


    Posted on 27-Aug-12 at 15:21 | Permalink

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