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ARROGANTA AGITATORER- Arrogans 7″EP (Dishonor Records, Sweden, 1983)

arrogantaagitatorer_frontarrogantaagitatorer_backimg_0269img_0270aa_vinylaaa_vinylbPlain and simple: One of my most beloved swedish Hardcore 7″EPs. Lots of power – LOTS! Great fast riffing and and an excellent singer. And one english and one swedish side!! I used to have a demo tape of ARROGANTA AGITATORER too, but I couldn’t find it anymore.

Lyrics are on the, cough cough, dumber sort, but hey, it’s the punx! As for the music, my favourite pick would be the impressive “Tre ton trotyl” (something like “Three muggahchuggah idiot”?). How could such a lovely and small country produce not only so MANY punk & hc records, but also so many (seemingly) hateful pieces of vinyl? What was wrong in Sweden of the 1980s?
The actual track order on the vinyl of the b-side is not as indicated on the sleeve; I fixed this.

Short post for short people. Enjoy!

Arbeit macht frei.mp3
Violence is the only Solution.mp3
Cut the Crap.mp3
Lonlöst Krig.mp3
Tre ton Trotyl.mp3