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Monthly Archives: March 2009

ABC DIABOLO- s/t 7″EP (Off The Disk Records, Switzerland, 1992)


A BAND CALLED DIABOLO. This is one of the latter Off The Disk releases in which I wasn’t really involved. I think Thomas was or is close to the band’s singer Andreas. To be honest, I never cared too much about this EP, but when I recently put it on after years and years, I […]

NILP- s/t 7″EP (Nilpferd, Switzerland, 1982)


One of the pearls that never made it onto a KBD-type series bootleg, although it would perfectly fit on a slightly more whacko-oriented one and one of my fave 7″ from Switzerland and one of the weirdest for sure. Sung in swiss german. Most people here don’t count them among Punk, why that is, I […]

VIOLENT CHILDREN- s/t 7″EP (selfreleased, USA, 1984)


Classic Connecticut Hardcore – VIOLENT CHILDREN featured past, future or part-time members of REFLEX FROM PAIN (and YOUTH OF TODAY). Forget for a second what a comedy Hardcore soon turned out to be: This EP smokes! Snotty, raw, high-energy Hardcore, not too ambitioned, not too serious – just a fucking rager! When I ripped this […]

NASTY SAVAGE- Wage of Mayhem Demo Tape (self-released, USA, 1984)


It’s been some time since the last Metal post. NASTY SAVAGE released this demo in 1984 and immediate fame followed with it. Fanzines from all over the pre-internet world reviewed it enthusiastically and so I took my chance and ordered a copy. Nasty Ronnie, who was anything but nasty, sent me the tape along with […]

V/A UNQUESTIONABLY LATE FOR THE TREND- Compilation 7″ EP (Existential Vacuum Records, USA, 1996)


This 7″ features exclusive material from the (almost) legendary recording sessions for one of my favourite comps, ever – the monumental ARE WE TOO LATE FOR THE TREND? Sampler. Texas Punk Grandezza recorded in 1978 and 1979. SUPERMAN’S GIRLFRIEND do the great “I ain’t no Asshole”, The VOMIT PIGS deliver “Hypo” & “Bomb the Arabs”, […]

Photo of the decade?


Does anybody know anything about this photo? I recently found this on a messageboard and I must say, this is so damn funny and scary at the same time, that I can’t get it out of my head. Is it a real snap shot or is it arranged? Could it be coming from Charlie White? […]

(IMPATIENT) YOUTH- s/t 7″EP (selfproduced, USA, 1980)


I just come from watching Gus van Sant’s “Milk”. What a melodramatic, hollywoodesque soap opera was that?! Sean Penn’s acting was almost as funny as Adolf Hitler who played Bruno Ganz. If you want to see a great movie about Milk and the riots (check the first Dead Kennedys album cover!), do yourself a favor […]

SKREWDRIVER- All skrewed up LP (Chiswick Records, UK, 1977)


What worries me most about this album – is a 45 rpm LP really an LP or is it just a MiniLP? And here are some of the highlights from the ongoing debate over at Peter’s, who posted the great “You’re so dumb” 7″ by the Skrewies. Some are dead serious, some are not – […]

Best Band in the World


Let me present to you the best band in the world at this very moment:

THE ADVERTS- Gary Gilmore’s Eyes 7″EP (Blight Records, UK, 1977)


cover scans currently down Okay, this is not exactly the biggest secret in music history, but just what I feel like at the moment. Not too many songs are better than “We who wait”. Enjoy with me! Gary Gilmore’s Eyes.mp3 New Day Dawning.mp3 We who wait.mp3