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Monthly Archives: February 2009

KURO- Who the Helpless 8″EP (Blue Jug, Japan, 1984)


I will admit that I used to be deeper into that particular style of Hardcore Punk when I was younger. I will also admit that this second release by Japan’s mighty KURO still impresses me. The overall brutality and man, the vocals – the vocals. Fucking awesome, really. And if you have ever held the […]

NEGAZIONE- Condannatti a morte nel vostro quieto Vivere 7″EP (selfproduced, Italy, 1985)


Sometimes, you catch yourself humming a melody, a tune and you don’t know where it came from. This happened to me the yesterday. On my way home and all of a sudden, I had this melody in my head, or rather yet, a guitar riff. I couldn’t get it outta my head and today, after […]