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V/A Drinking is great. Portland Compilation- Compilation 7″EP (Fatal Erection, USA, 1985)

drinking_frontdrinking_backdrinking_insert1drinking_insert2drinking_vinyl_adrinking_vinyl_b“For best results, play this record DRUNK”.

Portland’s finest: POISON IDEA with one hell of a song, E-13 with a great song, LOCKJAW with one hell of a song and then FINAL WARNING with one hell of a song (wish their 7″ was as good as this smasher!). I used to like tis comp back then, but now I love it. It never sounded as good as with one full bottle of good italian red wine from the region of Piemont in the head.
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Nuff said. Stop not-drinking!!!

Flex says the first pressing was on black vinyl and had b&w sleeves. All I can say is that I ordered this from Pig directly upon its release and the tan sleeve & gold vinyl was what I got. This is not the 2nd pressing, no way. Nah.

POISON IDEA: Drinking is great.mp3
LOCKJAW: You Dick.mp3
E-13: Pancreatitis.mp3