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GRB- Estoy tan contento! 7″EP (selfproduced, Spain, 1986)

grb_frontgrb_backimg_0259GRB from Spain. One EP and a demo (that will be posted soon) – and I guess that pretty much was it.
The songs are fast, melodic and extremely original. Although RAPED TEENAGERS come to mind quickly, this is still totally unique. The mosquito guitar, the singing, the rhythm and the compositions are something you just cannot create again. Spain had its fair share of great bands and if you ask me, the best of them appeared in the mid 80s. GRB, HHH or SUBTERRANEAN KIDS always were dear to me and when I later discovered the first wave of spanish Hardcore Punk (on the famous PUNK QUE PUNK comp LP that might need a posting too), I enjoyed much of it, but really – this is the shit. “Cristianos” is one of the hits of the century, with the incredible guitar intro. Think of PEGGIO PUNX with a bit more of a mosquitouse guitar and sped up – there you go! But all the songs totally rip and shred and if this EP has one fault then it’s this: It’s too darn short!

Estoy tan contento.mp3
La Fiesta.mp3

Locura de Juventud.mp3

Cadena de Odio.mp3
La Historia.mp3
Obtencion de Informacion.mp3

PS: Instead of just reproducing the lyric sheet, I used it for an installation, as we artists call this (untitled as of yet. Suggestions welcome!).