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GIRLSCHOOL- Take it all away, b/w It could be better 7″ (City Records, UK, 1979)

girlschool_frontgirlschool_back1girlschool_vinylGIRLSCHOOL! Boy they were so exciting when you were a teen in 1980. Hard and fast music coming from women. That was so fucking marvelous and I’m not only talking about the erotically contexted phantasies that sprung out of these pictures (girls with long guitars and such, you know). Everything seemed possible, so it seems in the backsight, and who knows, maybe we really felt like that instead of just getting nasty ideas. I guess it’s kinda difficult to explain the sensation of the gender-factor in rock music of the late 70s / early 80s, as today we’re all bombarded by tits & ass.

What sticks out on this first release of GIRLSCHOOL is singer Di Williams voice and guitarists Kelly Johnson’s solo parts – apart from that, this humble beginning of the band had little in common with what would come up next …… “It could be better” is the winner here. Reminds me of the RUNAWAYS a bit, but it sure ain’t as punky as I wish it would be. Nevertheless a fine record from when we all were a bit smarter than we are today.

Pictured is the more commonly found french version of the 7″.

Take it all away.mp3
It could be better.mp3

And here’s a video from shortly after, when the band had already incorporated the MOTÖRHEADISM into their sound. This guitar riff … fuck me Jesus, this is just too great:

PS: As it appears, the video ain’t there when you use Firefox. Use Safari instead, if you’re a Mac user.