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GIRLSCHOOL- Emergency, b/w Furniture Fire 7″ (Bronze Records, UK, 1980)

girlschool_emergencygirlschool_emergencybackAnd here’s the 2nd GIRLSCHOOL 7″. What a great guitarist Kelly was (she died of cancer in 2007)! As you can imagine, my eyes were glued to her when I saw GIRLSCHOOL in 1981 – I guess along with Blondie, Nina Hagen, Joan Jett and that blonde girl in the first FRIDAY THE 13th movie, she was one of the great loves of my life.

This version of “Emergency” I always liked best. Slower, heavier, gloomier. “Furniture Fire” is another of those unsung hits and sure has one of the best song titles I heard. Although the lead part in “Furniture Fire” is an obvious and shamless KINKS rip off (“You really got me”), Kelly had a unique style that eventually got adapted to that of Fast Eddie Clark (MOTÖRHEAD). I mean, that’s what malicious tongues always said, that it was basically the Bronze label’s manager who shaped GIRLSCHOOL. They were designed to be a female MOTÖRHEAD. Well, however much calculation and intention might have been involved, you sure can say that both bands had quite a bit in common. GIRLSCHOOL’s first two LPs and of course the incredible “St. Valentine’s Day Massacre” EP (which GIRLSCHOOL recorded together with their partners MOTÖRHEAD) sounded like they had come out directly of the MOTÖRHEAD factory. Which is not a bad thing, really.

Furniture Fire.mp3

And here’s some oft the MOTÖRSCHOOL footage you’ve all seen a trillion times before: