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ANTI-CIMEX- s/t 12″EP (Distraught / Skysaw Records, UK, 1986)

img_0257img_0258Who wouldn’t remember how controversially this slab was received. I got the advance tape only a few days after the final mixing of what would be the last ANTI-CIMEX record was done. The tape also contained a rough mix version and although I haven’t cared to dig it up since many many years, I remember that the latter sounded really dirty and punky.
So what do I think of this twelver now, more than twenty years after its release and a couple hundred clones later? It fucking destroys!!! The sound is so tense and the brutality level so high, I can’t fucking believe it! Everybody (including me) used to slag the EP off for the Metal elements (a.k.a. guitar wanking), but c’mon – that’s what makes this perfect! Sweden’s kings blast off with a Prelude (in E-minor, they say), before cracking your skull open with “Criminal Trap”. “Time to ?” is short & brutal and “Make my Day” is a total powerhouse. “Smell of Silence” closes side a and leaves you time to breath, before the somewhat lenghty “Pain Killer” does not kill, but create a headache, that’s for sure. Some silence then, some weird intro – and the manic “Set me free” sets us all free. The best track on this EP!

This EP was nothing but consequent after “Victims of a Bombraid”. It took things to a new level (if for a moment, you try to ignore the unearthly second RATTUS 12″). No idea whether this has ever been rereleased, but here it is in its full glory. Comment (this has got to become another 100+er!) – I’m wondering what the reactions will be like. Is it still such a no-goer for some?

Find more ANTI-CIMEX here and here. Now there’s only one still missing, I reckon. 😉

Prelude E-minor.mp3 / Criminal Trap.mp3
Time to ?.mp3
Make my Day.mp3
Smell of Silence.mp3
Pain Killer.mp3
Set me free.mp3