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ANTI-CIMEX- s/t 12″EP (Distraught / Skysaw Records, UK, 1986)

img_0257img_0258Who wouldn’t remember how controversially this slab was received. I got the advance tape only a few days after the final mixing of what would be the last ANTI-CIMEX record was done. The tape also contained a rough mix version and although I haven’t cared to dig it up since many many years, I remember that the latter sounded really dirty and punky.
So what do I think of this twelver now, more than twenty years after its release and a couple hundred clones later? It fucking destroys!!! The sound is so tense and the brutality level so high, I can’t fucking believe it! Everybody (including me) used to slag the EP off for the Metal elements (a.k.a. guitar wanking), but c’mon – that’s what makes this perfect! Sweden’s kings blast off with a Prelude (in E-minor, they say), before cracking your skull open with “Criminal Trap”. “Time to ?” is short & brutal and “Make my Day” is a total powerhouse. “Smell of Silence” closes side a and leaves you time to breath, before the somewhat lenghty “Pain Killer” does not kill, but create a headache, that’s for sure. Some silence then, some weird intro – and the manic “Set me free” sets us all free. The best track on this EP!

This EP was nothing but consequent after “Victims of a Bombraid”. It took things to a new level (if for a moment, you try to ignore the unearthly second RATTUS 12″). No idea whether this has ever been rereleased, but here it is in its full glory. Comment (this has got to become another 100+er!) – I’m wondering what the reactions will be like. Is it still such a no-goer for some?

Find more ANTI-CIMEX here and here. Now there’s only one still missing, I reckon. 😉

Prelude E-minor.mp3 / Criminal Trap.mp3
Time to ?.mp3
Make my Day.mp3
Smell of Silence.mp3
Pain Killer.mp3
Set me free.mp3


  1. This sat as my first record in the swedish bin of LPs. I hardly spun it and when it was time to get rid of it I recognize some white stains on the plastic sleeve. I wonder where they came from and realized the LP rack was facing my back while sitting in front of the computer. So yeah cum stains over my record collection.

    I never got into anything Cimex after Raped Ass. But when I saw them around this time in Linkoping/Sweden they where just fantastic cause of Jean-Louis Huhta. That made a huge difference and I don’t think it’s captured well enough how brutal that sounded live.


    Posted on 16-Feb-09 at 07:58 | Permalink
  2. What's the Truth?

    Something strange has happened to their guitar tone on this release…Though of course it’s not quite so noisy anymore, it still sounds unique, I think, but I can’t quite put my finger on exactly what makes it that way.


    Posted on 16-Feb-09 at 09:17 | Permalink
  3. otto

    You really surprise me Erich! I used to think this was bullshit but in fact it’s totally great. Is it your rip that makes it sound so ferocious? The last three records you posted were all so awesome including Sygian Shore. Please keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!


    Posted on 16-Feb-09 at 09:19 | Permalink
  4. 100+ comments? no problem! downloaded the songs, burnt them on a cd with the other a.c. stuff you’re offering and played it in chronological order on my hi-fi. what can I say? the sound quality is incredible. really. I’m still waiting for your ripping tuorial. the first a.c. 7″ had charme but was wimpy. the 2nd was kinda brutal but a weak production and the 12″ ….. now I know where ALL these d-beat bands stole their shit from. is this really REALLY from 86???????????


    Posted on 16-Feb-09 at 09:30 | Permalink
  5. Adamski

    I treasure my copy! Unbelievably powerful & forceful. Missed them when they played the UK with Agoni, back in 86(?). Still bummed.


    Posted on 16-Feb-09 at 11:03 | Permalink
  6. Jay Thurston

    I never really gave Cimex a chance before, boy did I fuck up. This is great! Thanks again, Erich.


    Posted on 16-Feb-09 at 11:48 | Permalink
  7. Sean

    Okay, time to be a hypocrite: I’m just going to totally make out with your ass on this one Erich, because FINALLY I have clean rips to headbang to this “metal” LP!

    I say that facetiously, I remember people bagging on this record when it’s the logical conclusion to AC’s sound. The missing link between Discharge’s “first metal 12″ ” and current stadium crust? EXQUISITE!


    Posted on 16-Feb-09 at 19:35 | Permalink
  8. tony

    As a kid in Sweden in the 1990s this was the hardest Anti-Cimex record to get hold of, or perhaps that was just for me and my friends. I totally think this is the logical conclusion of the Anti-Cimex sound, moreover I think this is the climax of the band’s creativity. Even if the 2 following albums are to my mind absolute classics of the genre. S/t LP has not been reissued officially ever, allegedly a new set of Cimex discography reissues have been made but these are not band approved – supposedly there are discussion to have official reissues some time in future. Man, Erich, two great records in like a few days, what’s next? Victims of a bombraid? OMG


    Posted on 17-Feb-09 at 02:40 | Permalink
  9. Tomas

    Tony: According to Charlie those reissues are authorized at least by him, or so I read in some interview with him.


    Posted on 17-Feb-09 at 13:15 | Permalink
  10. J-Bergis

    This was re-released on Absolut
    Country of Sweden right? Jawbreaker
    is an awesome record too!


    Posted on 18-Feb-09 at 16:51 | Permalink
  11. No idea, J-Bergis.

    Damn, this is still far away from a 100+er. I hope that Spontaneous Combustions guy turns up soon.


    Posted on 19-Feb-09 at 00:10 | Permalink
  12. Always loved this record, but “Raped Ass” is the best hardcore 7″ ever (along with the first Minor Threat).


    Posted on 19-Feb-09 at 15:55 | Permalink
  13. Alex

    J-Bergis – you’re right, this was tacked onto the end of the Distortion Recs CD reissue of the Country of Sweden album.


    Posted on 21-Feb-09 at 23:01 | Permalink
  14. Awesome. Thanks for this.


    Posted on 03-Mar-09 at 16:26 | Permalink
  15. SwePete

    I had in a way forgot this one. Made me listen to the two first Wolfpack albums. Thanks!


    Posted on 13-Mar-09 at 12:54 | Permalink

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