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SWANKYS- The very best of Hero LP (Dogma Records, Japan, 1985)

img_0243img_0244swankys_insert1swankys_insert2Here’s one of the toughest to find Punk LPs from Japan. And one of the wildest. SWANKYS, who also had a couple of 7″s and a flexi, were basically GAI – why they changed the name, I don’t know. Did you ever realize that SWANKYS are in fact the missing link between HUBBLE BUBBLE and ANTI-CIMEX (or any other band of the pitiful style later called “Crust”)? Obviously, SWANKYS had a lot of fun fucking around with things and the result is highly infectious. The primitive stomping rhythm, the ultra distorted guitar, the basic bass lines and the manic vocals create so much energy and lustful enjoyment, it’s almost scary. Almost. The drum sound, man when the snare hits come in during the first song, it makes me wanna do things, you know. By far the best SWANKYS record. “Total total total Control – C.O.N.T.R.O.L.”  Anybody ever had sex to this?

Oh yes, there seems to be a british copycat oopsy, tribute band of the almost same name around (like Wankys or something). How poor is that.

Open the Window.mp3 <—– Appetizer!

Download the entire LP here and save a couple hundred dollars.