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STYGIAN SHORE- s/t 12″EP (Roadster Records, USA, 1984)

img_0241img_0242One day, I got a package from my penpal Mark W. Shelton of MANILLA ROAD. I opened it up and found this record inside. Man, I loved the cover and I still like it a lot. There’s this ancient tree with the following mystic message carved in: “For those people who live too well and are on the border line of heaven and hell. There is a beach for their lost souls and it’s known as the STYGIAN SHORE.” A beach for lost souls, how great is that?! Dude, the dinosaur, much more a nice chap (spot the tang in his mouth?) than a monster. And the the back cover piece. Think art!

The a-side has two rockers, the band’s theme song and the usual song about having sexual intercourse. Intercourse, c’mon. Hard Rock. Hard as a rock. Then flip the plastic over and – woosh! “Tidal Wave”, the beach song, so to speak – excellent, excellent tune. Totally NWOBHM influenced. “Don’t look now” is nice too, but I’d buy this EP for “Tidal Wave” only. I mean, seriously: How could you not love such records? Totally pointless in a way, simple and a go nowhere after all. But still so charming in its naivety and freshness. And definitely not a record, Peter KBD is going to make a post of his own with!

There’s been a posthumous STYGIAN SHORE LP recently, with a free 7″ inside. It’s not bad, really competent and somewhat heavier than this.

Stygian Metal.mp3
Luv ta rock ya.mp3
Tidal Wave.mp3 <— Fucking excellent, the song you must listen to first!
Don’t look now.mp3