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BOMBANFALL- s/t 7″EP (selfproduced, Sweden, 1987)

bombanfall_frontbombanfall_backbombanfall_lyricsExcuse the double post, but I feel like a bit of Harshcore at the moment. Though the “core” is kinda dubious when it comes to BOMBANFALL. What a record. So wild, so uncompromising, so original! And one of my favourite singers ever. What a powerful fucking voice! What a barbaric EP! If the second song with it’s opening scream doesn’t make you wanna do nasty things to nice people ….. you’re probably a nice chap. And the closing song – total apocalypse, man. And so short, the songs, although they have all the ingredients to be long songs. Wow, I’m fucking chuffed.

Just upon the release of this 7″ (of which 500 were made, if memory serves – I had about twenty of them), the band changed the name to TWO MOON’S RISING (hence the sticker on the cover). I discussed a future release with the band on my label Off The Disk Records, but TWO MOON’S RISING asked for a shitload of money upfront to record another EP. Thomas, who handled the labels financial aspects, decided we couldn’t and wouldn’t pay so much. He was of course right – on the other hand, had we paid it, we’d have the possibility to see what these guys would have come up with next. Would they have followed their path, I’m pretty sure they’d gotten pretty huge.

Lyric sheet says 1987, but I’m pretty sure this came out in 1988.

For those of you who have not heard BOMBANFALL yet – get ready for a serious mindfuck. And no, there’s no asiktsfrihet concerning this band’s greatness.

PS: Martin, that’s the kind of records from Sweden you should be posting.

Ögon i mörket.mp3
Iskallt Regn.mp3
Hälsning fran Helvetet.mp3
Mot en stralande framtid.mp3