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Monthly Archives: February 2009

V/A Drinking is great. Portland Compilation- Compilation 7″EP (Fatal Erection, USA, 1985)


“For best results, play this record DRUNK”. Portland’s finest: POISON IDEA with one hell of a song, E-13 with a great song, LOCKJAW with one hell of a song and then FINAL WARNING with one hell of a song (wish their 7″ was as good as this smasher!). I used to like tis comp back […]

V/A NOT SO HUMDRUM- Comp. LP (Abberant, Australia, 1984)


Finally, here’s the long overdue repost of one of the best compilation albums I can think of. First posted August 2nd in 2006. Flawless. If you find a flaw, you can keep it. Re-ripped in super-hifi-nuclear-stereo. Delete your old files. You can get the complete album by simply clicking this link here. I sometimes wonder […]

GRB- Estoy tan contento! 7″EP (selfproduced, Spain, 1986)


GRB from Spain. One EP and a demo (that will be posted soon) – and I guess that pretty much was it. The songs are fast, melodic and extremely original. Although RAPED TEENAGERS come to mind quickly, this is still totally unique. The mosquito guitar, the singing, the rhythm and the compositions are something you […]

HEADCLEANERS- The Infection grows 7″EP (Xcentric Noise R.A.T.S., UK, 1983)


Some records are almost too good to be posted just like that. This is one of them. HEADCLEANERS last 7″ and the band’s high point. I doubt that there’s ever been such an effective use of double-vocals. A bit on the sloppy side, drumwise (weird – I used to think they were soooo tight!), but […]

GIRLSCHOOL- Emergency, b/w Furniture Fire 7″ (Bronze Records, UK, 1980)


And here’s the 2nd GIRLSCHOOL 7″. What a great guitarist Kelly was (she died of cancer in 2007)! As you can imagine, my eyes were glued to her when I saw GIRLSCHOOL in 1981 – I guess along with Blondie, Nina Hagen, Joan Jett and that blonde girl in the first FRIDAY THE 13th movie, […]

GIRLSCHOOL- Take it all away, b/w It could be better 7″ (City Records, UK, 1979)


GIRLSCHOOL! Boy they were so exciting when you were a teen in 1980. Hard and fast music coming from women. That was so fucking marvelous and I’m not only talking about the erotically contexted phantasies that sprung out of these pictures (girls with long guitars and such, you know). Everything seemed possible, so it seems […]

ANTI-CIMEX- s/t 12″EP (Distraught / Skysaw Records, UK, 1986)


Who wouldn’t remember how controversially this slab was received. I got the advance tape only a few days after the final mixing of what would be the last ANTI-CIMEX record was done. The tape also contained a rough mix version and although I haven’t cared to dig it up since many many years, I remember […]

SWANKYS- The very best of Hero LP (Dogma Records, Japan, 1985)


Here’s one of the toughest to find Punk LPs from Japan. And one of the wildest. SWANKYS, who also had a couple of 7″s and a flexi, were basically GAI – why they changed the name, I don’t know. Did you ever realize that SWANKYS are in fact the missing link between HUBBLE BUBBLE and […]

STYGIAN SHORE- s/t 12″EP (Roadster Records, USA, 1984)


One day, I got a package from my penpal Mark W. Shelton of MANILLA ROAD. I opened it up and found this record inside. Man, I loved the cover and I still like it a lot. There’s this ancient tree with the following mystic message carved in: “For those people who live too well and […]

BOMBANFALL- s/t 7″EP (selfproduced, Sweden, 1987)


Excuse the double post, but I feel like a bit of Harshcore at the moment. Though the “core” is kinda dubious when it comes to BOMBANFALL. What a record. So wild, so uncompromising, so original! And one of my favourite singers ever. What a powerful fucking voice! What a barbaric EP! If the second song […]