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SLAYER- Remixes Promo 12″ EP (Def Jam, USA, ?)

p1070596p1070598rainingbloodp1070599I don’t whether this is a bootleg or an official promo record. The internet tells us it’s official (from the little there’s to find about it), but the rather amateurish editing of the tracks has my eyesbrows rising. Also, the (c) 1986 info can’t be correct since “South of Heaven” wasn’t issued until 1988.

Not much to be said here. SLAYER – the band whose “Reign in Blood” LP divided the Hardcore scene down to the ideological headquartes at MRR – kinda lost it progressively (phase 1: “Show no Mercy” & “Hell awaits”; Phase 2: “Reign in  Blood”; Phase 3: “South of Heaven” & Seasons in the Abyss”. The rest is okay at best. To me, it was always and will ever be Phase 1. No other band had so much evilty, not to say evilism in the sound (today we learn that Tom Araya is a born-again christian). Crazee! “Reign in Blood” is impressive, mainly due to the bombastic production, but most on that album  is more Thrash Metal than the good priest-murdering and nun-violating atmosphere of the old days. Phase 3 had some great moments, but all in all, it was clear that things came to an end with “Seasons”.
I only saw them live once in the old days and that was when they played good ol’ Europe for the first time ever. That was in Poperinge, Belgium, on the third installment of the now legendary “Heavy Sound Festival”. Lee Aaron played there too and she wore tight red spandex pants, so tight I almost lost myself in her clearly visible love center. I recently found some photos I had taken that day including many of SLAYER, but those with the focus on the Lee Aaron’s red spandax rule. How could you not love Heavy Metal?

Listen to these songs while you can. They will be available for a limited time only – no complaints, please.
Ready thrash go:

Raining Blood (Remix).mp3 & Angel of Death (Remix).mp3 you’re too late, poser
Silent Scream (Remix).mp3 & Ghosts of War (Remix).mp3
you wimp didn’t deserve this anyway