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V/A NUKE YOUR DINK – NEVADA HARDCORE SAMPLER E.P.- 7″ Comp (Positive Force, USA, 1984)

nukeyourdink_frontnukeyourdrink_backnukeyourdink_innerI originally wanted the first BCT comp tape, «First Strike», to be the next post on this blog. I had already begun editing the rip, when I started googling some background info. Well, as it seems, the tape was re-released on CD a while ago on the excellent Enterruption label outta San Francisco.
So here we go with a 7″ comp that can’t really compete with «First Strike». Sure, «Nuke your Drink» draws a lot of charme from the fact it’s so pisspoorly produced, like all Positive Force releases of that time. In fact, that’s what gives this extra credit for being one of the shittiest sounding records ever released.

It starts off with one of the forefathers of Boyscout-ism in HC, 7 SECONDS. I sometimes seriously wonder how I could have been so deeply into this band. Seriously, I can’t listen to these posi-bands anymore, unless I’m totally wasted. But maybe that’s what the purpose of straightedge and posi-bands always was: You’d play these songs when you were stinking drunk, the bands knew that, and hoped for a subliminal effect on the drinkers’ subconsciousness. It would sink in while the listeners drink. Drink to sink, you know. I mean, why would a sober person and one that never drinks feel the urge to listen to music that tells him not to do what he wouldn’t do anyway? Oh well, then we get SUBTERFUGE with “Legal who?”, a wonderful midtempo song with a fast bass and a funny intro. NO DEAL blast off with great energy. URBAN ASSAULT would totally shred, but the song has the worst sound on this comp. JACKSHIT have a great fast song, much in the vein of the band’s one and only EP. THE REMAINS show a strong UK-Oi-influence which I could do without. Whenever I hear this song, I already wish it was over. THE EXPELLED (nope, not the british band) are more down my alley, Mongo-HC of the good sort. THE YOBS close this EP with what sounds like sound compared to the shoebox recordings of the other bands and the annoying singer rules. Almost of SAVAGE CIRCLE quality, if you ask me.

PS: I misread the title for many many years. I kept reading «Nuke your Drink», because I thought it could be some anti-nukes meets straightedge statement. Haha. Now I learn that Dink means Double income, no kids. Does Dink also mean like dick or something? Looking at the back cover could make one think so, haha. But then again, what sense would it make to (or not to) nuke one’s dick? And could you nuke a dick alone, at all? Wouldn’t the rest of the man be nuked too? Or was there talk of some supersmall anti-dick-nukes? So many questions.

7 SECONDS: In your Face.mp3
SUBTERFUGE: Legal who?.mp3
NO DEAL: Government Forms.mp3
URBAN ASSAULT: High Fiend.mp3
JACKSHIT: Foreign Aid.mp3
THE REMAINS: Lost in a Crowd.mp3
THE EXPELLED: Slam the Pigs.mp3
THE YOBS: Armageddon.mp3