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THE VICTIMS- All loud on the Western Front Mini-LP (Timberyard Records, Australia, 1989)

img_0152img_0153img_0157img_0155img_0154“(…) I played no part in releasing the ‘All Loud On The Western Front’ Victims compilation mini-album on Timberyard Records neither in it’s original vinyl form nor, more recently, on CD.  I was unable to stop it then, and now, without incurring great expense and aggravation to myself but I remain very angry about it.”
That’s what Dave Faulkner, former singer & guitarist of THE VICTIMS, had to say a few years ago about “All loud on the Western Front”, which was released on vinyl in 1989 and re-released on CD in 2005. Seems to be pretty hard to find, this great compilation of one of Australia’s finest. It features both 7″ and some extras. To see the original 7″s, go over to KBD – Peter had featured them a while ago.
Sometimes I can’t help but thinking “I understand” might be the best song, THE VICTIMS ever wrote. Then again I know it’s “Flipped out over you”, though it also could be “Open your Eyes”. Or was it “T.V. Freak”? An ex of mine thought it’s “High School Girls”.

Download a vinyl rip of “All loud on the Western Front” here. Ripped with my lovely new turntable & pre-amp. From now on, the vinyl rips on this blog  are the best you can get.
I wish I could dance around naked now, but I’m still pretty much bedridden, so you have to do that for me. Don’t forgot to send in photos. I will publish them.

PS: I seriously wonder: Do the ex-members of THE VICTIMS watch any TV at all?