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In the 1950s, EPs were an inexpensive alternative to LPs and from the 60s onto the 80s, the sales of EPs rose significantly. Johnny Cash’s first releases were Singles (on 78 rpm, on 45 rpm a little later). When in late 1957, his first and totally essential LP was released (“Johnny Cash with his hot and blue Guitar”), it was soon followed by a short list of EPs on the legendary Sun Records label. If I counted right, this here was the third in the series.
What can I say: Whenever I play these old Cash tunes, I’m pretty damn sure that this is the best music ever recorded (and when I listen to some cheesy Heavy Metal, I think again and yet again, when the first D.R.I. EP blasts off). But mind you it’d be sufficient to have these songs on a computer or a CD somewhere! You should see these original EPs (I own them all, including the first three pressings of the debut LP 🙂 ): Heavy cardboard sleeves, thick vinyl of the old sort – and the wonderful crackling. Yes, I’m a fetishist and I think that Sigmund Freud had no fucking clue about fetishism.
On the other hand, you can buy the great Johnny Cash Sun Recordings collection on CD (I think there was a vinyl edition available once) for a good price these days – and wasn’t this the original idea of EPs? Haha.

For a short time only, here’s just two songs from the four:
Guess Things happen that way.mp3
Next in Line.mp3

So far, so good. This cool cat here is my father in 1954. The photo was taken on a motorcycle trip when he was about 17 or 18 years old. One year before Johnny Cash released his first 7″. I think that’s proof enough that Rock’n’Roll & style runs in my family. If I was one of the inventors of Grindcore, my father invented the Rock’n’Roll life style. (click to enlarge):

Inventor of Rock'n'Roll