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SLEDGEHAMMER- Blood on their Hands LP (Illuminated, UK, 1983)

img_0146img_0147img_0148img_0149img_0150Do you wanna know how much I love you guys (and the gal)? When I was at a record fair recently and saw a sealed Mauseoleum Records version copy of the first LP of the phenomenal SLEDGEHAMMER, I bought it – I bought it although I already had two other versions of it at home, because it was a sealed copy and I thought I could use the virgin vinyl for a clean rip. For you! That’s love. It’s probably more love than I will receive in return, but you know the game: Love never asks for reason & rhyme.

What an album this is. If you wouldn’t have the background information here (1983; UK), what would you make out of these 7 songs? I mean, seriously, what the hell is going on here? Skip song number one and go to “Perfumed Garden” directly. Can you believe this???!! This must be one of the best songs I heard in my lifetime! Or the closing number, “Garbandal” – bloody hell!!! And the production of the album – the dry bass, the powerful yet discrete drums and the guitar with sometimes nearly Bob Mould-ish licks and tricks ….. un-fucking-real!!!!
SLEDGEHAMMER first appeared on my radar upon the release of the essential “Metal for Muthas” LP comp. The song “Sledgehammer” has a bit more of a, hmmm – maybe Motörhead-esque feeling to it and I could be totally wrong, but I think MEDIEVAL’s theme song sounds pretty similiar (though a lot dirtier and rawer). A contemporary review of the first 7″ once called SLEDGEHAMMER the equivalent to the Ramones – but on 10 mph. Quite adequate, methinks. Anyway, SLEDGEHAMMER also had three 7″s (one with a differerent take of the theme song, which is not as good as the aforementioned version). the 2nd 7″, “Living in Dreams”, was another wonderful slab and so was the nifty shaped 7″ picture disc. Since both these singles a-sides have been included on a bonus 12″ here, you will receive them as well. Well, actually, the tracklist says songer number 4 on the bonus EP is “Sledgehammer”, but in fact it’s “Wildfire”, originally performed by QUARTZ. Total smasher!!!!
I will post the first 7″ separatly soon.
What you see pictured above is the first press of the LP and the gatefold first press of the Mausoleum version. There’s a third version around, an alternate cover of the first press. Long time ago, I had the brilliant idea of cutting out the cover and make a poster out of it.

Listen to “Perfumed Garden” here.

Download  the complete “Blood on their Hands” LP here.

Download the Bonus 12″ that accompanied the first Mausoleum Records license pressing here.

PS: If you had other rips of this before (there are a couple floating around, I’ve seen), please do me a favor: Before deleting them, compare the sound with my rip. And now please somebody re-release “Blood is on their Hand”.

PSII: I’ve seen a lot (!) of “stolen” rips of mine floating around these days and received a couple of emails complaining about this. There’s nothing that I can do about it. I don’t understand this behaviour, but what can you do. You know my point: This music here does not belong to me, so I cannot really complain about people spreading my labor of love for theirs. If the music geting around helps the bands, then that’s fine.