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STRATEGY- Technical Overflow, b/w Astral Planes (Ebony, UK, 1982)

strategy_astrategy_bThe recent debate in our beloved comments section about “the best NWOBHM album” keeps on setting the direction. To tell the truth, I was pulling your legs a bit – how could a man of taste (I’m sorry to say, but I’ve given up hope to ever meet a woman who’d be equally into music of sorts) really believe in such a funny thing as a “best” record, as if taste wouldn’t change in short and long perspective and as if thousands of records were so easily to be set in a hierarchical order.

The 7″ we have is definitely not the best of any sorts. But it’s most likely one you have not heard before as it seems to be totally obscured. Although Ebony Records was one of the most profiled labels of the genre, not all of the band on its rooster made themselves a name. STRATEGY seems to the least known of them and indeed this 7″ does not turn up too often, be it because the press run was so low or be it because nobody really likes it. I must admit, that after a couple of months of owing this (this was a gift for the blog; thanks Dave!), I still don’t know what to think of these two songs. The NWOBHM was a pretty diverse musical movement, often refered to as “the thinking man’s Punk” (haha, okay, nobody but me refers to it as such). Most NWOBHM bands are dug by Punkists because they sound a bit Punky. That is not the case here, although the cheap production and the out-in-spaceness in a way make this feel Punk for a 1982 record. I mean, honestly: Two instrumental songs with a fake live intro, wobbling and dobbling around in two very oddly composed songs – who would buy such a record? Honestly. STRATEGY sound more like a drunk prog rock band. Now that I found this label for it, I realize that I like this 7″. Your turn now.

Technical Overflow.mp3
Astral Planes.mp3

PS: Astral Planes totally rules after a few listens. Fuck, this is a great NWOBHM (and nothing but a NWOBHM!) record. And both the drummer and the drum sound – so sweeeeeeet!