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SABRE- Miracle Man, b/w On the Loose 7″ (Neat Records, UK, 1983)

sabre_front1sabre_back1It’s been a longer break from posting good bad music than I expected. The little discussion Pär, WTT and I had yesterday about the best NWOBHM LPs inspired this new post: The great, although criminally overlooked SABRE. Apart from this great 7″ and demo tape, that has yet to be surfaced by fellow bloggers, the band only had the song “Cry to the Wind” on the elusive “60 Minutes Plus” Cassette comp. from Neat Records (oh yes, that’d be a nice posting too, but unfortunately, I once traded away my copy and haven’t been able to find me a new one since. Anybody?).

Weird why SABRE to this day remain to be one of the most obscure bands from the Neat roster. The two songs here have it all: Powerful, highly memorable riffing, heavyness – and a weak singer, okay, I’d agree on that. I can hear how he wants to sound, but he just doesn’t have the voice for that. But let that not distract you from this. If you’re into PERSIAN RISK, early TYGERS OF PAN-TANG, IRON MAIDEN or JAGUAR (and dozens more), this might appeal to you. Couldn’t say which of the two songs I liked better, Miracle Man or On the Loose. Hmm, for tonight, I’d say it’s On the Loose.

Miracle Man.mp3
On the Loose.mp3