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Monthly Archives: January 2009

SLAYER- Remixes Promo 12″ EP (Def Jam, USA, ?)


I don’t whether this is a bootleg or an official promo record. The internet tells us it’s official (from the little there’s to find about it), but the rather amateurish editing of the tracks has my eyesbrows rising. Also, the (c) 1986 info can’t be correct since “South of Heaven” wasn’t issued until 1988. Not […]

V/A NUKE YOUR DINK – NEVADA HARDCORE SAMPLER E.P.- 7″ Comp (Positive Force, USA, 1984)


I originally wanted the first BCT comp tape, «First Strike», to be the next post on this blog. I had already begun editing the rip, when I started googling some background info. Well, as it seems, the tape was re-released on CD a while ago on the excellent Enterruption label outta San Francisco. So here […]

V/A TOOTH AND NAIL- Compilation LP (Upsetter Records, USA, 1979)


It’s incredible that this compilation has never been officially re-released in full (or then, I’m too stupid to google it). Not only does this feature some of the greatest music ever recorded, it’s also a landmark in the continental shift of music that changed it all. Immediately after the Punk explosion of 1976-77, the media […]

THE VICTIMS- All loud on the Western Front Mini-LP (Timberyard Records, Australia, 1989)


“(…) I played no part in releasing the ‘All Loud On The Western Front’ Victims compilation mini-album on Timberyard Records neither in it’s original vinyl form nor, more recently, on CD.  I was unable to stop it then, and now, without incurring great expense and aggravation to myself but I remain very angry about it.” […]

International Blastbeat Celebration Day coming!


It started off as a joke: A while ago, I posted HEART ATTACK’s “Keep your Distance” 12″EP with what I believe is the first recorded (and fastest & cleanest) blastbeat. It dates from January 29 1983. I soon came to realize that a Wikipedia article picked this up and put a link to the post. […]



In the 1950s, EPs were an inexpensive alternative to LPs and from the 60s onto the 80s, the sales of EPs rose significantly. Johnny Cash’s first releases were Singles (on 78 rpm, on 45 rpm a little later). When in late 1957, his first and totally essential LP was released (“Johnny Cash with his hot […]

BATTALION OF SAINTS- Second Coming 7″EP (Mystic Records, USA, 1983)


San Diego’s masters of Hardcore-Punk-Metal: BATTALION OF SAINTS. The 7″ version of “Second Coming” (also to be found on the LP of the same title, but in a different version) has got to be one of the high points of American Hardcore. Screaming vocals, a three-chords onslaught and fast paced, barely under control drumming. Awesomest. […]

SLEDGEHAMMER- Blood on their Hands LP (Illuminated, UK, 1983)


Do you wanna know how much I love you guys (and the gal)? When I was at a record fair recently and saw a sealed Mauseoleum Records version copy of the first LP of the phenomenal SLEDGEHAMMER, I bought it – I bought it although I already had two other versions of it at home, […]

STRATEGY- Technical Overflow, b/w Astral Planes (Ebony, UK, 1982)


The recent debate in our beloved comments section about “the best NWOBHM album” keeps on setting the direction. To tell the truth, I was pulling your legs a bit – how could a man of taste (I’m sorry to say, but I’ve given up hope to ever meet a woman who’d be equally into music […]

SABRE- Miracle Man, b/w On the Loose 7″ (Neat Records, UK, 1983)


It’s been a longer break from posting good bad music than I expected. The little discussion Pär, WTT and I had yesterday about the best NWOBHM LPs inspired this new post: The great, although criminally overlooked SABRE. Apart from this great 7″ and demo tape, that has yet to be surfaced by fellow bloggers, the […]