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SPITTIN’ TEETH- s/t 7″ (Polydent Records, USA, 1980)

spittinteeth_frontspittinteeth_backspittinteeth_sideaspittinteeth_sidebMore than two years ago, I had featured what then was a mystery band from Utah: A group named SPITTIN’ TEETH. Three incredible songs on the not too popularly known SIREN compilation of which one (“Destruction”) is nothing but a milestone. No kidding: I’ve seen grown men twice my size struggling with their tears upon being exposed to this song! “Destruction” is larger than you and it’s bigger than anything we can achieve in our little pointless lifes. Hats off!

When I first heard the two songs of the 7″, I was a bit disappointed, but upon giving them a little more time, I came to realize they are both really great. I first had to learn that you cannot measure everything by the dimension of “Destruction”, sometimes you just have to step back and choose a human scale. On these two songs, we hear the same charismatic singer (this man, Fred Allredge, is one of the best Punk singers I ever heard!) and probably the same guitarists too (Margaret Amberson and Greg Anderson). “Leap of Faith” has much of a NUNS vibe and when the short lead part comes in towards the end of the song, my ears are glued to the speakers. “No Guarantee” is amazing. What a lascivious, dirty little song!

Thanks to a recent Ebay auction and now especially thanks to Behjan Mirhadi who sent in these soundfiles and scans, we can lift the curtain of mystery a little higher. SPITTIN’ TEETH had released this hardly ever seen two song 7″ back in 1980 already. It seems like nobody really was aware of this. Not even Behjan, the KBD detective nummero uno, had heard of this single before and neither did his “connections” (picture meetings in parking garages or on big public squares, with hastily moving middle aged men wearing false beards, sweating and breathing heavily while exchanging suitcases that look alike).

Since these are not my own rips, the two sound files are encoded in 128 b/shame. If anybody has an original copy of this 7″ for sale, please get in touch. I want it!

No Guarantee.mp3
Leap of Faith.mp3

And for those of you who missed SPITTIN’ TEETH the first time round, here are the three incredible songs from “The Siren”:

2nd Generation.mp3
Destruction.mp3 («What kind of a fool do you think I am? Do you think I could be happy with this?!» Sung with the utmost of disdainfulness)

Still couldn’t figure out how to fix the picture enlarging issue. When you hold your right mouse button and choose “show graphic” (or something like this), you can see the big scans for more details.