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V/A PAERE PUNK- Compilation LP (Kong Paere, Denmark, 1979)

img_0121img_0122“Paere Punk er het stykke historie” – yeah, fucking well said.

This formidable piece of hard plastic has never been reissued and that, lads & lassies, is a crying shame. Some Punk Grandezza here, even though the super hits are maybe missing. LOST KIDS deliver one nice DEVO tribute, by making “Mongolid” an “Asocial”. The other two tracks are nice, with a bit strong Sex Pistols influence (lacking the aggression of them though). SODS start off rather weirdly with the mocking “Rock’n’Roll” song, but “Tin Can Army” is a stomper and “Military Madness” is extremely pleasant too. Next up come ELEKTROCHOCK: Kinda whacky, haha, but probably meant dead serious. One of the worst female singers I heard. The guitar licks sound so nice you’d wish there was more of them. SLIM probably had a pub rock band past, before turning Punk. Their bassist should have been sacked and the singer maybe too. They have a song called “Fuck the Queen”. Well said. Haha. The chorus is hillarious, makes me roll around every time I hear it and when he sings “fuck the pope”, I yell “and fuck me too”. That makes me have a good time at the expense of no one. Yes, I’m a humanist, I think in these moments, and give meself a hug.
Flip the platter over and off you go with KLICHÉ. Funny organ there and I love the vocal line. Wow! And then, hooray, there are three exclusive BRATS tracks, not yet in the same vein as the mandatory LP. Definitely punkier, with not much of the later NWOBHM audible. Very nice, but the LP stuff is of course much better. Crazy, how bands sometimes change within a year’s time, between two recording sessions. Another bigger name follows with DREAM POLICE. “Johnny come with me” was on the first 7″ too, wan’t it? “Bubbles” is great too. Great singer! NO KNOX is the last band on this rare comp. Three arty blues and noise songs. They took the Punk thing seriously by tearing it apart and probably people won’t have liked them too much, up there, in that horrible country of Denmark. Good when you’re drunk, I suppose, though I never tried. When I’m drunk, I normally don’t play compilations because that would overstrain me.

Download the entire PAERE PUNK Comp. LP here.

666 Hail Satan 666


  1. Simon

    This LP’s all over the place recently, although maybe it’s a boot?


    Posted on 25-Dec-08 at 20:32 | Permalink
  2. I dunno, Simon. This never really used to be very tough to find, except for maybe the time when the kbd-hype in the late 90s was on its peak.


    Posted on 26-Dec-08 at 02:47 | Permalink
  3. Adamski

    Yeah, there’s definitely a bootleg version out there & it’s supposed to be a pretty good one.


    Posted on 26-Dec-08 at 03:27 | Permalink
  4. J fn J

    I love this comp. Lost Kids rule and the Brats tracks arent nearly as good as their later stuff. I do think Kliche’ have the best songs on this comp though. I have their first two albums and they are def worthy of tracking down. that is if you appreciate a cross between early Brian Eno and Echo and the Bunnymen.


    Posted on 26-Dec-08 at 11:03 | Permalink
  5. andi anti

    Brats songs disappoint but some of the rest is really great. Had a lot of fun with this and the rip sounds great as always.


    Posted on 27-Dec-08 at 08:11 | Permalink
  6. Frank Mossi

    The BRATS LP really grew on me but the songs here are very different. Too bad they didn’t listen to Heavy Metal in 1979 already 🙂


    Posted on 27-Dec-08 at 10:41 | Permalink
  7. M.

    Just realized in your “Heavy Rotation” message that you’re not one of the naive pro-Palestinian europeans. Very nice to read. Thank you!


    Posted on 28-Dec-08 at 12:03 | Permalink
  8. to bad that the Israel gov and Hamas can´t get along so the people of Israel and Palestine can stop dying. Politics at it´s worse.


    Posted on 28-Dec-08 at 13:34 | Permalink
  9. behjan

    Erich,leider “missbrauche” ich dieses Forum ,aber wollte nur wissen,ob Du die mp3´s beider Songs der Spittin’ Teeth 7″ (von 1980 -unseren Lieblingen aus Jutta) in Deiner e.mail-inbox erhalten hast,welche ich vor 2 Tagen an Dich schickte (habe heute auch das ganze cover und labels dafür bekommen).Sage mir doch mal Bescheid,was Du von deren 7″ hältst,wenn Du Zeit hast.Kommt m.E. an THE SIREN nicht heran.Schade!


    Posted on 28-Dec-08 at 13:39 | Permalink
  10. @ Pär: That’s a bit naive, what you’re saying. Hamas is a fundamentalist, islamist organisation that does not represent the majority of the Palestinians. The Hamas government in the Gaza strip must be overthrown. Maybe in the near future, a two-states solution will be a realistic goal, but only with a free, democratic, laicist and secular palestinian government. And without those fundamentalist israeli settlers.

    Behjan: Nein, ich hab nichts gekriegt. Wo hast Du die denn hin geschickt? Wenn ich die Songs in guter Qualität und Coverscans davon habe, kann ich sie gerne hier posten. Hab die Songs mittlerweile auch gehört und war ziemlich enttäuscht.


    Posted on 28-Dec-08 at 13:48 | Permalink
  11. What's the Truth?

    This comp is great. Thanks as usual Erich. These Brats tracks really are nowhere near the quality of the album, but that is one amazing album, after all. Totally singular, at least for me.

    Erich: I agree with you about Palestine as well. I think there’s a difference between being pro-Palestinian, in the sense of the actual people there and their welfare (same as with the Israeli people,) and being pro-Hamas. I also think it’s important to point out that as usual, the use of force on the Israeli side has been astounding, since there have been 2 Israeli deaths since the end of the ceasefire, as opposed to 250+ Palestinian deaths.


    Posted on 28-Dec-08 at 15:37 | Permalink
  12. One must keep in mind that it was the Hamas who ended the cease fire last week and kept bombarding South Israel. The israeli gov’t warned the terrorists to immediately stop firing rockets or heavy force would be used. I think, the fact that the israeli army stroke so massively and before it was expected makes clear that this time, they want to overthrow the islamistic gov’t in the Gaza Strip. It’s a shame to see so many casualties, but one must keep in mind that first off you cannot argue or reason with organisations like the Hamas (remember the hoorah-rallies they ran after 9/11?) and 2. it’s a part of the Hamas strategy to let things escalate. It’s a murderous fundamentalist group that draws its political power from nothing but violence. Hamas must be destroyed for the good of the palestinian “people” as well as for the security of Israel and the whole gulf region.


    Posted on 28-Dec-08 at 15:45 | Permalink
  13. What's the Truth?

    I won’t dispute your narrative of the events…In fact, I think it’s arguable that Hamas effectively ended the ceasefire back in October. I just think it’s important to keep the casualties in the spotlight throughout any such event.

    As for your second point, I think it frightens me to the point of questioning the effectiveness of the Israeli strategy, particularly since the death tolls make it seem as though the Israelis wished to kill more people (when in reality it is that they are just better armed and better trained…Hamas would kill more if they had the ability) and no doubt this will be transformed into a different narrative by Hamas themselves. And so I wonder when we see photos of the bleeding and injured Palestinian children if we are not once again seeing the faces of future Hamas operatives, particularly since, as you state, they want things to escalate, are willing to exploit the casualties to further anti-Israeli anger, and cannot really be reasoned with or moved, perhaps not even with such a display.


    Posted on 28-Dec-08 at 16:07 | Permalink
  14. Of course I agree with you that the (civilian) casualties must be ine the spotlight too. It’s a crying shame and shows the utter cynicism of Hamas that they built all their military infrastructure right in the midst of extremely populated cities. It’s the Hamas that doesn’t care about people: They’re all nothing but a part in a strategic game of destruction, antisemitism and hatred.

    As far as the “picture politics” go. What can you do about it? The picture production (if you want to call it like this) is something you cannot control. Historians called it the “pictorial turn”: The power of images has replaced that of language. I think that’s a bit simplified because pictures don’t talk: You have to make them talk. The struggle for power in this political discourse (think Foucault and late Habermas together for once) is going on with full force. When you look at the use of despicable photos on indymedia sites all over, you can see how anti-zionists, antisemites and left wing radicals all over try to make use of the power of photos of mutilated bodies. That’s something that makes me really sick. You never hear of heard these groups and individuals when much larger atrocities happen throughout the world, unless they can press them into their molds of several obscure (conspiracy) theories.


    Posted on 28-Dec-08 at 16:39 | Permalink
  15. What's the Truth?

    While my point was more about why I’m not entirely sure if the Israeli display of force will be effective (based on Hamas’s fanaticism and the precedent of the late 60s, the last time when this style and magnitude of force was used,) I will definitely agree that “picture politics” is a terrible thing. Many hardcore and now “grindcore” bands are guilty of using such images, even when they bear no relation to the music.

    Although in speech I try and be like Foucault when asked about my political stance (“do not ask me who I am and do not ask me to remain the same”,) I have some leftist sympathies, though not of the mainstream liberal sort. So for me, it is absolutely disgusting to witness such exploitation of unrepresentable horror for a nonsensical political agenda, particularly by those I am generally closer to in my beliefs on particular issues.

    Also, is it as unfashionable where you are to admit you are a humanist as it is here? Maybe you are a true punk of academia!


    Posted on 28-Dec-08 at 17:48 | Permalink
  16. This is one well thought out and intelligent discussion. Considering last time I posted a political statement on last days I had a bunch of fucking idiots calling me a bolshevik.

    I’m fucking jealous!


    Posted on 28-Dec-08 at 18:01 | Permalink
  17. Simon

    Erich– couldn’t agree with you more about the Gaza situation, and it’s nice to see it articulated so well and with attention to the correct nuances. I’ve given up trying to discuss this entire issue with clueless, naive, historically illiterate punks.


    Posted on 28-Dec-08 at 18:47 | Permalink
  18. Yes Joe and Simon: So far I too think this has been a nice little conversation on this extremely “hot” subject. It’s great to see this blog draws the attention of not only people with good bad taste.

    “Also, is it as unfashionable where you are to admit you are a humanist as it is here? Maybe you are a true punk of academia!” – It has taken me a long, long course through the depths of left radicalism and dumb sloganeering to finally come back to the point of the 18 years old (Fear Of God times) over-sensitive, individualist and extremely sceptical humanist. Should I ever be in NY again, WTT, we can share some more thought about “music & politics” (remember that Disposable Heroes of H. tune?).


    Posted on 29-Dec-08 at 00:42 | Permalink
  19. Nice to read such a balanced discussion around this inflammable topic. My view is that when Hamas came to power it was a total disaster. On the other hand I think the Israeli government have played their part to drive the Palestinian people into the arms of Hamas.

    My views on the other are very much based on my mothers experiences when working as a nurse in Ramallah. Let me tell you that what she witnessed from the Israeli side wasn´t very nice and she was told by the swedish UD not to talk to any journalist about what she witnessed or else that would risk every possibility to send down help personal in the future.

    Ok over to some nicer subjects: this comp KILLS! Hard to pick a fave here but I always had a soft spot for Brats!


    Posted on 29-Dec-08 at 02:51 | Permalink
  20. What's the Truth?

    Erich: I actually had to look up this Disposable Heroes song, but the lyrics were rather appropriate!

    Peter: I think you are right about Hamas and the Palestinian civilians being driven into their arms. Unfortunately, it is Hamas who builds the schools and hospitals, the only such services anyone will provide for those people (especially with Israel constantly blocking aid to the people in hope that Hamas will come around,) and then they use those very same sites in battle in an inexcusable manner with human shields and all that…It’s terrible.


    Posted on 30-Dec-08 at 10:54 | Permalink
  21. shermstixx

    regardless of death, destruction and chaos I’m really digging this comp. totally brats and kliche is good too… maybe too much of an eno rip off (…ya think?) but pretty sweet.
    always digging the records you post, man. thanks.


    Posted on 04-Jan-09 at 13:54 | Permalink
  22. I live in Denmark, and yeah, there is a boot out, the same guys who did the Pære Punk apparently also did a bootleg of SODS amazing “Minutes to Go”.


    Posted on 11-Mar-09 at 06:12 | Permalink
  23. zallzz

    noisy ugly little treasure retraced – remember ungdomshuset back in 1987 and a guy giving me this whole thing on a lowsy cassette my first time in KBH,good memories.


    Posted on 23-Aug-09 at 13:23 | Permalink
  24. Kount Jizznack

    This comp rules. Deffinately fun to listen to after having visited Denmark recently.


    Posted on 07-Oct-10 at 00:45 | Permalink

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