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SUSPENSE- Murder with the Axe 7″EP (Neo Records, Holland, 1981)

suspense_frontsuspense_backsuspense_insertAfter NEO PUNKZ came SUSPENSE and released another 7″ full of great Punk Hardcore borderline sloppyness. The three b-side songs are short and full of DISCHARGE riff glory, the a-side sounds definitely more sophisticated and although I personally find it a bit of a drag, I can hear that these guys could have evolved musically into an interesting direction. I don’t know if it did however, eventually with the guitarist or singer joining other bands.

And the song “Murder with the Axe” made me post this 7″ in its full glory. NY’s NIHILISTICS had the balls to steal this song and sell it as their own on their second LP – one Great Punk Rock Scam. And in the meantime, with revealing this story, it has also become the Funniest Punk Rock Scam Lie Tactics Mini Campaign. Just check out the above link and read carefully through the comments. It’ a wonderful read that, by its logical structure, could come out of any bible group in the world. And these comments claiming the NIHILISTICS came up first with the song just keep coming and coming!

Murder with the Axe.mp3
Crazy Sod.mp3
Heroin Child.mp3

Until I figured out how to make the mouse-over-image-and-click-to-enlarge function work again, you must use your right mouse button to view the scans in original size.