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NEOS- Hassibah gets the Martian Brain Squeeze 7″EP (Alanandhiscar, Canada, 1982)

neos_hassibah_frontneos_hassibah_backA few days ago, I got a short message from Jason Flower: The NEOS “Hassibah” mastertapes have finally surfaced. From what I remember, they had been lost for years and years. Looks like a proper re-issue is about to be released soon.

I think I first heard NEOS on the legendary “Beating the Meat” comp. It was fucking unbelievable. I didn’t hesitate and ordered what at that time I thought to be the first NEOS EP (a little later, I learned that the band had released another one already, the hard to find “End all Discrimination” EP). It was the more commonly seen pressing of “Hassibah gets the Martian Brain Squeeze” on the Rat Cage label from NY. It wasn’t until the days of serious collecting (you know, with MRR and Flipside ads and those endlessly long lists you’d send around the globe) before I managed to find me a first press of “Hassibah”. 500 made of this and probably a couple thousand of the Rat Cage press. Collector scum.
14 songs of relentless thrash, recorded on September 18 in the year of 1982 (!). The EP is packed with info: The incredible song book with lyrics and notes, short explanations to every song etc. I like the first NEOS EP, but it doesn’t come close to what Hassibah meant and means to me. I’m sure, privately the three guys were funny blokes, but this record sounds extremely SERIOUS and DEDICATED and that’s what I always liked about Hardcore. Although it’s much the case like with POISON IDEA, DRI, URBAN WASTE, NEGATIVE APPROACH, KORO, FIX or DEEP WOUND’s EPs (and yes, that’s the league of NEOS!), these classics are entities, I still would say there are two tracks that stick out a bit for me: “(Almost) Typical, obligatory Anti-Government Song” (or “Russian Folk Song”) and “Opposition to all Violence” (or “Triplet Beg.”). The lyrics of the latter song used to piss me off massively, though.
Still a bit ill, so I’ll leave it at that, although I would have liked to go a bit deeper into the song comments and lyrics and had some anecdotes and bits and pieces.

Destruct.mp3 & They’ll destroy themselves.mp3
(Almost) Typical, obligatory Anti-Government Song.mp3
Where did you go wrong?.mp3
Just like all the Rest.mp3
Look around in Despair.mp3
Jungle Beat – so it seems.mp3
Other World.mp3
Opposition to all Violence, even if commited in Self-Defense.mp3
Die for the Cause.mp3
Ripped off.mp3
Sexual Revolution.mp3

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