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PERSONALITY CRISIS- Creatures for Awhile LP (Risky Records, USA, 1983)

img_0079img_0080Caught a little cold hiking through the snow yesterday, so I’m not feeling like writing much.

I wanted to rip & post this for a long time: One of the most criminally overlooked LPs of all time. Canaduh’s PERSONALITY CRISIS sounded like no one else and still today, this LP gives me goose bumps all over my godforsaken body. Of course, the main attraction here is the singer, but the incredibly potent song writing should not get unnoticed. A total hit-o-rama here, with not one second of annoyance or redundancy. And a total love it or hate piece of work.
Released on Risky Records from San Francisco – yeah, the one that also brought you TOXIC REASON’s “Independence” LP and the “Ghost Town” 7″.

This has been made availalable on vinyl again in the year of 2000 and I feel you should not just download this but buy the re-issue.

And while we’re at it, here’s the great and rare LOWLIFE 7″EP that had one of the later guitarists of PERSONALITY CRISIS. A KBD-type hit monster!

Download the entire PERSONALITY CRISIS LP here. And here’s one of my favourite tracks off this monstrous LP, called Twilight’s last gleaming.mp3