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LOWLIFE- Leaders 7"EP (Airout Records, Canada, 1979)

Repost from August 19th 2006. Freshly ripped and missing songs added!

I have no idea whether or not this gem has been reissued (other than on one of the fab “Smash the State” comps), so I’m only posting the title track of LOWLIFE’s 7″. It’s the best of the three songs anyway, but drop me a line if you need more and I’ll post the rest too.

Richard Duguay who played bass on this was later one of the guitarists in PERSONALITY CRISIS. If you want to hear some of their LP “Creature for a while” (which is one of my all time faves!), let me know too. I know there were some songs from “Creature for a while” on another mp3 blog (can’t remember where I’ve seen it), though.

Now get happy. And here you get PERSONALITY CRISIS.

White Lightning.mp3
Thinking naturally.mp3