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UNITY- You are one 7″EP (Wishingwell Records, USA, 1986)

Haha, yeah, yeah, I know – what is this doing here? Cross my heart – I love this record! UNITY managed to achieve what all these posi bands tried in vain: This is one of the records that really, really make me wanna go out and be nice to everybody. So full of joy, the boys rip through their songs and each and every one of them tracks is memorable and a true hit. Wonderful! The equivalent to chinese diet or whichever one that is, where you eat stuff from the summer in winter time – UNITY is summer music, just like the almost equally great follow-up, the UNIFORM CHOICE Lp.
Now, after this outing, I feel better. Yes, I love Uniform Choice and Unity and Chain of Strength. I admit. Though I’d also admit, that STIKKY’s pisstake of these pathetic spoken words outros is hillarious (on the LP or demos, don’t remember). Yes, not even I am perfect.

From what I heard, the reissues of this are re-recorded or remixed versions. The first 500 (?) were on blue vinyl, the subsequent pressings on black. When I had this in my distro, it was one of the fastest sellers. No wonder. Be positive, folks.

Straight on View.mp3
Positive Mental Attitude.mp3
The Game.mp3
Explanation for Action.mp3
Breaking through.mp3
Love.mp3 / You are one.mp3
To risk.mp3

The EP has been reissued on Indecision Records, mastered directly from the original 1/4″ tapes. Make sure you buy one of those and make culture happen!