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Monthly Archives: December 2008

SPITTIN’ TEETH- s/t 7″ (Polydent Records, USA, 1980)


More than two years ago, I had featured what then was a mystery band from Utah: A group named SPITTIN’ TEETH. Three incredible songs on the not too popularly known SIREN compilation of which one (“Destruction”) is nothing but a milestone. No kidding: I’ve seen grown men twice my size struggling with their tears upon […]

V/A PAERE PUNK- Compilation LP (Kong Paere, Denmark, 1979)


“Paere Punk er het stykke historie” – yeah, fucking well said. This formidable piece of hard plastic has never been reissued and that, lads & lassies, is a crying shame. Some Punk Grandezza here, even though the super hits are maybe missing. LOST KIDS deliver one nice DEVO tribute, by making “Mongolid” an “Asocial”. The […]

ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT- Desctruction’s End 7″ Flexi (Thrasher Magazine, USA, 1987)


The infamous «Thrasher» bonus flexi by ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT. Magazine copies had no sleeve, but I think I once saw some kind of a hand made one. What can you say? Short and great, in between the incredible “Dead Serious” demo tape and the so-so LP. And a blogger’s dream, really. One song and no cover […]

SUSPENSE- Murder with the Axe 7″EP (Neo Records, Holland, 1981)


After NEO PUNKZ came SUSPENSE and released another 7″ full of great Punk Hardcore borderline sloppyness. The three b-side songs are short and full of DISCHARGE riff glory, the a-side sounds definitely more sophisticated and although I personally find it a bit of a drag, I can hear that these guys could have evolved musically […]

NEOS- Hassibah gets the Martian Brain Squeeze 7″EP (Alanandhiscar, Canada, 1982)


A few days ago, I got a short message from Jason Flower: The NEOS “Hassibah” mastertapes have finally surfaced. From what I remember, they had been lost for years and years. Looks like a proper re-issue is about to be released soon. I think I first heard NEOS on the legendary “Beating the Meat” comp. […]

PERSONALITY CRISIS- Creatures for Awhile LP (Risky Records, USA, 1983)


Caught a little cold hiking through the snow yesterday, so I’m not feeling like writing much. I wanted to rip & post this for a long time: One of the most criminally overlooked LPs of all time. Canaduh’s PERSONALITY CRISIS sounded like no one else and still today, this LP gives me goose bumps all […]

LOWLIFE- Leaders 7"EP (Airout Records, Canada, 1979)



REIG- Disarm 7″ (selfproduced, Italy, 1982)


One of the lesser known italian Hardcore Punk bands of the first wave were REIG. Both tracks are simple, if not simplistic, but not without charme. The Brit Punk influence is more than obvious, but hey, it’s the punx! Wonderful cheesy cover too. REIG were featured in one of the earliest postings on this blog, […]

GEPOPEL- Complete 1982-85 LP (Noise & Distortion, Holland, 2008)


Got a package in the mail today and it came from Niels! One (if not the) high points in European Hardcore saw the light of day when all was almost over: The incredibly catchy and tense EP by Holland’s GEPOPEL. I will never forget how blown away I was over the power of “Paracide”. I […]

UNITY- You are one 7″EP (Wishingwell Records, USA, 1986)


Haha, yeah, yeah, I know – what is this doing here? Cross my heart – I love this record! UNITY managed to achieve what all these posi bands tried in vain: This is one of the records that really, really make me wanna go out and be nice to everybody. So full of joy, the […]