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Monthly Archives: November 2008

SEWER TROUT- For President 7″ (One Shot Flop Records, USA, 1988)


Shit, SEWER TROUT didn’t make it into the White House. The only thing that worries me about last night’s election in the U.S. is that Obama will most likely never be able to come up to the expectations everybody seems to be having in his upcoming presidency. Maybe that’s the deeper reason for me to […]

EXODUS- A Lesson in Violence Demo Tape (selfproduced, USA, 1984)


This demo by EXODUS came out in 1984, around the same time when MEGADETH released the “Hook in Mouth” tape. When trying to verify the title through a little Google research, I found different demos with different tracklists and none seems to be matching with this. Well, since I had this since 1984 and seem […]

MAD PARADE- Right is right 7″ (Toxic Shock Records, USA, 1986)


One of the Southern Californian bands who never got the recognition they deserved. MAD PARADE were formed in the early 80s and released a catchy LP in 1984. This 7″ I like much better cuz this kind of easy going Pop Punk is getting boring after a while. If you’re in the same mood like […]