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KLEENEX- You, b/w Ãœ 7″ (Rough Trade, UK, 1979)

If I remember correctly from “Lipstick Traces on a Cigarette”, Greil Marcus drew a line from the performances in the legendary «Cabaret Voltaire» (located in Zurich and being visited by me tonight) to the swiss übergirl band KLEENEX. Well, this put aside, 60 years after the short, loud explosion of Dada, KLEENEX indeed played in a league of their own. Check out the two links below for more.
The two songs on this 7″ have got to be heard to believed (again). Incredibly catchy, bubbly, subversive, original. I remember how some of the older buddies of mine at that time used to smoke dope in the small café next to the village’s shabby strip club and one of the very very few young women there had simply smuggled this 7″ into the jukebox: You pressed some cheesy Uriah Heep song and KLEENEX’s “You” would play and we all were happy.
The fantastic cover artwork is by Peter Fischli, of course. Of course.

Check out the first KLEENEX 7″ here.
Here’s what happened to KLEENEX after they had to change the band name to LILIPUT.



  1. Not sure if you were aware of Marlene’s book. I bought a copy from her a year or so ago and she signed it for me which was/is cool in my opinion. Here’s some details…
    ” There is also a book available from Marlene from 1985. It’s a diary made from the time that the group was touring as well as loads of press clippings/articles. It’s called THE DIARY OF THE GUITARIST MARLENE MARDER, KLEENEX/LILIPUT (which says it all). It’s 230 pages, written in German but there are a lot of interviews, articles, pictures, lyrics and fan letters in English- well worth it for any fan of the band. You can contact Marlene for details about how to purchase this at [please contact Dave for the email adress. The Admin]. If you write her just to tell her how much you enjoy Kleenex/Liliput, this will make her happy too.”


    Posted on 30-Nov-08 at 14:07 | Permalink
  2. Thanks much Dave for the info. I have the tour book, it’s a nice collection and I thought it was actually pretty hard to come by. Do you think it’s okay with Marlene to publish her email addy?


    Posted on 30-Nov-08 at 15:45 | Permalink
  3. I think it’s ok since it ran in this interview that is available here

    Also she uses the email to accept paypal payments for the book. The book can be ordered through her myspace if anyone is interested but I would email her before I sent money to make sure the book is still available.



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  4. Sean

    There’s a discography cd(s) around aren’t there? I really liked this band(s). I remember that original Liliput post.


    Posted on 30-Nov-08 at 20:56 | Permalink
  5. don´t know about this one, not really the stuff I like. I think must give this a few more spins before I really know.


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  6. Here’s a grandiose comment: Fantastic!


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  7. it was better today


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  8. Frank Mossi

    You will love it until friday 🙂 I never cared for music like this before GBM but Erich teached me to appreciate weird stuff like this.


    Posted on 01-Dec-08 at 11:39 | Permalink
  9. Probably your best post ever, Erich!
    And if Martin (at KBD) spoked of weird drummers when he gave us a Headache he had probably never heard “You” (-rajja Heep!)


    Posted on 04-Dec-08 at 12:48 | Permalink
  10. Found this one at a local flea market in the ’90s. My kid sister was just as into it as I was (and am).


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  11. filthy



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