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DEAD- Musical Abortions Demo (Fuck Music Publishing, USA, 1986)

I bought this tape in some record store with a air conditioner of the size of a jumbo jet somewhere in Florida in 1986, because of the band name and the cover. When I took it back to the flat of Kam Lee & Rick Rozz (formerly of DEATH, at that time active in MASSACRE) to play it, everybody was having a good time.

I’m afraid I don’t know much about DEAD. This tape sure was one of the highlights in the campaign of the destruction of music by means of traditional rock instruments (which is probably not the same as the “campaign of musical destruction” by LÄRM). I’m pretty sure this fascinate some of this blogs readers. I mean, it does sound evil. The vocals, the vocals. Makes Norwegian Black Metal sound like Janis Joplin. If you can’t sit through this, you’re a fucking wimp. The excessive intro is from “2001”, isn’t it? The good old movie-soundtracks-intro-times, where have they gone? And where is my Necrophagia “Death is Fun” demo?
Please fill us in with more about DEAD, if you know other than what’s easily googlable (and that’s not much, really).

“Recorded in a House”. Priceless.

[Intro separated[.mp3