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DISCHARGE- Live in Nottingham 7″EP Bootleg (no label, UK, 1987)

I heard the call for “more Hardcore” and the “D-Beat Hypothesis” by Stuart (check the comments section in the last post).
were noise not music, a wise man once said – and that’s what we learn from this bootleg. Good Hardcore always sounds like “noise” to the innocent ear. Bands like DISCHARGE deflorated my ears back in the old days and however despictable the later “crust scene” has gotten, records like “Why” or “Hear nothing” are so massively brutal, it still scares me. What was wrong with these guys? That’s why they fell down  deep and deeper with every release following the first LP: They probably couldn’t take the inferno they had unchained anymore. Would that surprise you?

This bootleg was released by a member of a popular UK HC band ca. twenty years ago. As far as I remember, he had recorded the gig himself back in ’83 and wanted to commemorate DISCHARGE with the release of this bootleg. I still have some extra copies of this limited edition release somewhere but I can’t find them at the moment.

“And children?” – “And children.”

Side A.mp3
Side B.mp3